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Using Twitter Effectively- Some Useful Tips

Using Twitter Effectively- Some Useful Tips

Twitter has turned into a social media site for news, updates and snippets of information from the people whom we follow. The users are aware of how to put the tweets together and how to send replies to the users. This article discusses some ways which would help you in improving your knowledge and getting more out of the services of Twitter.

Twitter provides you with a good chance of using some applications including Tweet Deck or TwitPic. These apps require your permission to access your accounts. Most of these applications are fine; however, it would be really good for you to check which apps you have been given an access to and which apps are no longer in your use.

In addition, you can schedule your tweets if you feel like they are not ready to get posted for the world. A lot applications have been introduced which would enable you to schedule tour tweets. Buffer is one of the greatest tools for this purpose.

In case you are tweeting the content which is not suitable for any purpose, there are options in Twitter that enable you to display the sensitive content in a secure way. This means the readers would be warned regarding the content before they start reading it.

You can also embed your tweets into your blog posts instead of taking screenshots of your tweets. In order to embed a tweet, you have to find the 140 character message that you want. Expand it and then click the details. There would be an option of embed this tweet. It would appear in the new screen.

There is an option of Geo-tagging in Twitter for the users. With the help of this option, it is shown where people are tweeting from. In case, you don’t want the people to know your location, you can go to settings and you would find an option to change this feature there.

In case, you are searching for some specific topics or if you are searching for the updates to any event, you can do so by using a hashtag. By using a hashtag, you would be able to bring more accurate results. All you need to do is to enter hashtag into the box of search available on Twitter. In case you know the main hashtag, you would be able to uncover more real information.

With the help of Twitter, you can easily do cross posting on Facebook. Your posts would easily appear on the wall of Facebook. In order to active this feature, all you need to do is that you have to go to you profile settings. You would find an option there to share your tweets on Facebook.

These are some of the advanced features of Twitter which are going to let it use in a proficient manner. In case you are a beginner, then this piece of writing is surely going to make its use easier for you. Keep tweeting!