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Facebook: in the world of people

. Facebook is a real legend in the world of social media. Even if you are a newby in the world of Internet, you must hear something about this social network and its creator, Mark Zukerberg. Facebook’s creators have made all possible things to turn their social network in the most approachable and user friendly […]

What’s new on YouTube?

Introduction YouTube has become part of the everyday life of pretty much everybody across the web. The online video service is the source for everyday fun, news, gossip and general entertainment for more than one billion visitors each month. The success of YouTube is due to its creative way and innovating way of having an […]

Twitter as the promo-tool

Among social media, Twitter constantly grows and increases the audience of its active users. In this post I’ll list down options of Twitter, as well as how it can be used for attracting your potential customers. As for beginning: Twitter is the service and the social network which works in the real-time mode. Here you […]

Instagram: all about it

Instagram doesn’t need much description for any modern Internet user. For those, who are still unaware of it (though I believe there are scarcely many of them), let me remind that it’s the modern social network which helps you upload your photos from your mobile phone or tablet and share them with your friends; you […]

The Directors Social Media

My Favorite Job I am an upcoming video director, I love to direct anything from music videos to short films or simply record your wedding, this is a job that I love to do and I feel inspired when I do it. This job has taken me to places I never imagined in my life […]

Short introduction into (Instagram)

(Instagram) is an online social networking service. It helps users to take their photos or videos, filter them digitally, and share them on different networking services, like Twitter, Facebook Flickr or Tumblr. It shapes pictures into a square shape, indifference to usual 4:3 mobile cameras ratio. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom created it in 2010. […]