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Facebook: in the world of people

Facebook: in the world of people

Facebook is a real legend in the world of social media. Even if you are a newby in the world of Internet, you must hear something about this social network and its creator, Mark Zukerberg.

Facebook’s creators have made all possible things to turn their social network in the most approachable and user friendly one. For example, if you stay for a long time far from your laptop or PC, you can always upload the mobile version of Facebook.

When you pay attention to the menu in the upper right part of the screen you’ll see options “Main” (here you’ll see the news feed informing you about the latest important events in your friends’ world), “Profile” (here you’ll see the latest events related to your account), “Looking for Friends” – one of the biggest Facebook’s advantages, the navigation is carried out in total – you can choose a “common friend” to know how many contacts you have in the network whom you don’t know but with whom you have a common friend, you can make search among schools, universities, cities etc.

The project of interrelation between Skype and Facebook have recently begun. In order to “delete” yourself from Facebook, you are to accept and fill up special documents and the full deletion of your data have recently been impossible.

Finally, “Account”: here you’ll see all functions you need now such as “To edit your friends’ list”, “Account settings”, “Confidentiality” (you can limit the access to your page), “Information Center” (i.e., the technical control service, where you can write time to time, if you have some problems with the current state of your account) and “Sign Out”, having clicked on which you are leaving the amazing world of Facebook.

Facebook: Pleasant entertainment with friends

Compared with other social networks, Facebook has the improved type of profile, so the information about you, thanks to the query “Edit My Profile” is the full and detailed at the end, if you have filled up all fields correctly and fully: from your native city to your favorite quotes. In order to make socializing more successful and your friends and friends-to-be can easily find you in Facebook, don’t close your page, don’t make your contact information unavailable for them. In fact, if you know just one detail about a person, you’ll easily find him or her in Facebook.

You can easily create your group in Facebook, install some useful apps and interesting games. Facebook has another one advantage – the live chat enabling you to have a conversation with your friends who are available at the moment.

Many people compare Facebook with other popular social networks. In fact, FB is much easier to use, it rarely changes its interface (only really interesting options are added) and there are much more free services than in other social networks.

In Facebook, it’s very easy to share the information you liked with your friends. You can also promote your own web source or site with the help of this amazing social network.

However, there is one of few drawbacks Facebook has – many people think that it’s not very secure and the information can easily leaked through your FB profile to some third parties. Even closing up your page to strangers won’t guarantee that your privacy can be fully safe and sound. But, nevertheless, FB is great for everybody who want to have more friends and keep in touch with them.