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How to earn money on YouTube

How to earn money on YouTube

Have you ever thought of making money out your YouTube account? If you have, I’ll tell you how.

Create and tune up your YouTube account

– Create a separate account or use the existing Gmail account to log in. Add keywords in the description of the channel for users to find it easier.

– Your username can work both for you and against you. If it is short, easily remembered and original, there are much more chances that people will remember you. Nevertheless, if you use the existing account, just stay with it. The constant change of accounts won’t help you.

Upload a video on YouTube

– Start uploading the content. Try publishing the video in HD and not very long (it can be different depending on the type of the content you want to upload). Also, try to upload new videos on regular basis and in regular time intervals.

– Even if your first videos cannot be called striking ones, don’t give up. The experience is the matter of time. Try making every video better than the previous one. You’ll often gain skills with time.

– Improve your videos, using either a camera of better quality or newer software or techniques. All this help improving the process of filmmaking. Use a tripod, ask your friend for help or make lights better. All this will help improve the quality of the end product which, in its turn, will help you have a bigger audience.

– If you regularly upload videos, you can keep the audience. People more probably will follow your channel if you upload the content more regularly and the frequency of your uploads is constant.

Get the audience

Continue uploading the content and try hooking users. Make the repost of your video on Twitter and Facebook. Share it with people. Spread it in other corners of Internet. Followers are the basis for becoming the Partner (although you can be paid for a very popular video, it’s a very big rarity).

Become the YouTube’s Partner

To become the Partner means the work, often too much work. Despite the fact that anyone can apply for it, it’s better to have more than 500 followers beforehand, to regularly upload the good content and to have either very popular videos or the middle-sized audience. YouTube looks for channels in which they can sell advertisements and get revenue. They also want to work with the channels for which they won’t be sued. Try deleting the material protected by copyright on your channel and in your videos.

Create a Google AdSense Account

You can tune up your Google AdSense Account for free. Go to link Google.com/adsense. On this page, click the button “Sign up now”. You are to be older than 18. If you are younger than 18, you need assistance of an adult. This measure may be disappointing but it is done in purpose of autentification. You’ll need either a PayPal account or a bank account, a real mailing address and other information for them to check the autencity of your person (as well as of one for whom to send money). You gain income only for every click on the ad and a smaller income for every viewing of a video, but, at the end, it is summarized. That’s why the main thing is the audience.