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Instagram- The Lux Effect

Instagram is owned by Facebook and all the changes and updates included in the Instagram are rendered by Facebook. Recently, another update has been added in the functionality of Instagram. Although the update is small, yet it is going to improve the user experience to a great extent. With the help of this latest update […]

FB – The Sharing Tool

If you are not someone who belongs to the Stone Age, then you must be knowing the famous Facebook aka FB. FB is a social media website which has attracted a lot of fame since it came into being. The site enables easy connectivity and access throughout the world, and hence the popularity. The essence […]

Can you quit Facebook?

We all believe that Facebook has become a very significant part of our lives. According to a research, around 802 million people log into their Facebook account on daily basis. On average, they spend around 17 minutes on this social media website. What if you are asked to quit sharing your ideas, posts and photos […]