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14 Simplest Ways of Receiving Facebook Likes

14 Simplest Ways of Receiving Facebook Likes

Here are some cheap and costly, both ways of increasing a significant amount of likes for your facebook page.

Facebook social plug-in Box

Add the social plug-in box link in your blog and your websites. This way high number of likes can be obtained quickly.

Keep Rotating the Ads

Try to rotate your ads on a daily basis. Users get bored and tired of listening to the same thing again and again. Conversion rates normally plunge by 50 % after the initial 24 hours.

Exclusive pictures and videos

Share some exclusive and free videos and pictures that can only be viewed by users if they like your page. In this way, people will be interested to see that clip or picture and will like your page in anxiousness.

Facebook Advertisement

You can advertise on facebook to achieve high amount of likes. This is definitely the quickest but not the cheapest way to do so. One can obtain hundreds of thousands of likes in a matter of days by paying few bucks.

Organize Competitions

Running competitions of facebook is a very creative and entertaining idea, not only to gain more likes, but to keep the page running and active. Everyone likes to win some kind of prize therefore they will like your page to compete in the ongoing and future competitions.

Ask Your Network

Ask all your friends and members of family to like your page in the start. It might be overdone but it is imperative at the beginning.

Promotional Offers

Offer something to a user on liking the page. This way you fans will be excited and will surely like your page.

Blog content

Post the content of your blog or website on facebook when you write something new. Facebook users are interested in reading new stuff without going to some other website. You should treat facebook like it is a extension of your blog.

Multimedia Application

You should regularly upload high resolution photos captured by best photographers. Attractive pictures that are suitable for your desired audience will make your fans coming back again on your page and they will invite their friends too.

Custom Like Button

Make a custom page that the user will directly land into by clicking on your page and on that page add a might like our page button.

Ask Informative Questions

You can regularly ask various questions to your users by the inbuilt question app of facebook.


You should add your facebook page link on the signature of your email, on your website and even on the signature of your text message. You can also create a like button on your email HTML template and therefore people will have direct access to your page by a single click.

Create Beautiful Banners

Add large colorful banners of like our page on your blog or your website, so that it get some attention from the visitor of your blog.

Concerned Updates

You should keep posting and updating your facebook page with the posts that are related to your brand or area, as posting irrelevant stuff can make fans go run away. No one wants to see useless flooding on their newsfeed.