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How Non Profits Use Instagram and Vines?

How Non Profits Use Instagram and Vines?

Videos are the most significant social media marketing strategies these days. Non profits are also using vine videos and Instagram for the promotion of their content. By creating attractive videos, they can generate greater amount of traffic and can increase the engagement of customers on social media networks as well. Awareness is raised when well thought out videos are create for the cause and this results in enhanced donations by people to non profits.

Instagram Videos and Vines- What are they?

Instagram videos and vines are mobile applications which are utilizes for shooting videos of short length i.e. 15 seconds. Instagram app is also used for sharing photos on social media too. You can also upload your videos to these apps from your Smartphones and tablets as well.

Why to Use them?

The Instagram videos and vines are used for the following purposes:
• You can showcase the personality of your organization with the help of these apps in the form of a short length video. People like seeing what happens behind the cameras in these organizations.
• With the help of Instagram videos and vines, you can let people know who you are. The short videos and vines raise awareness regarding organizations. Non profits can post short videos of very small things that they do on regular basis. this can include videos of planting a tree, helping with homework and giving away stuff toys etc.
• Videos do not require narrations and words. When you will be able to show the impact in your videos, people will surely become excited. ,br>
• These two apps are considered to be the most perfect tools which are used by non profits in order to focus on the adoption of animals too. If you run a thrift store or you do any other such kind of work, then you can showcase your products and services with the help of these videos and vines on Instagram.
• If you are creating a new website or a program or you are about to offer any new service, then you can tease the people and can create ultimate suspense by creating a teaser for it.
• You can also share facts and figures with the help of Instagram videos and vines. You can also feature your staff members for reading a quite that actually applies to the mission for which your organization has been created.
• In addition, non profits can say a big thank you to their donors by creating small videos and vines on Instagram. This is a perfect tool of appreciating and acknowledging the donors.
• Nonprofits can also utilize strategy for encouraging participation of people. They can encourage the users for posting vines and videos which can be shared by organization. You can also create a specified hashtag for your non-profit. This will help you in spreading your word on the web.