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I want more likes!

Social media has been receiving so much attention today primarily because of the fact that most people are involved especially the young generation. These social media accounts give some positive and negative effects to people across nations. Through social media, a universal culture seems to be created. In addition, people were very free in terms […]

Give me more likes!

Social media has been playing a very important role in the field of communication primarily because through social media sites you can easily communicate with other people across the globe, giving you a feeling that you are not miles apart. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube are among these social media sites that are popular […]

Facebook Addiction

Social media sites have been playing a very important role in people’s lives nowadays. Not just in terms of communication but also in terms of fun and entertainment. Through social media, we became aware of the different happenings around the world and also we gain better understanding of others’ culture and tradition. In other words, […]

Be an Internet Sensation

Technologies are widely recognized in our society. This gave us more knowledge and definitely provided us more convenient life. Many things became easier than before because of these technologies. One product of technology is the computer and internet. Computer and internet brought many conveniences. First is in terms of communication. Through it, we have easier […]