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The latest social media platform causing a craze is Pinterest. Since its launch in 2010, most of its users are women, leading others to think that it is a platform for women where they can plan events or weddings or post pictures of their interests and hobbies. But it is now gaining popularity among the male population. Women “pin” or bookmark sites to gather ideas, men pin sites for things they want to buy.


Now, how exactly can Pinterest help you? Just because your friends are using it, do you have to use it too?


Here are some common reasons why people are crazy about Pinterest.

  • It is perfect for organizing events, recipes, projects, and saving interesting articles. It gives its people a place to save links from all over the internet – hence a bookmarking site.
  • Just like Facebook, it’s a venue for people to get connected; it is a social network after all.
  • It can help businesses see what products are trending and what do customers need. They can also see what other brands people who follow them also like or are following. Just like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Pinterest is good for market research. For the consumers, since the ideas are more organized, they can get a copy of certain a recipe for example, and other variations of that recipe.
  • One of the most attractive features it shares with Instagram, are the photos. It is like a visual search engine.
  • It is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. You can make boards showcasing your products and services. You can categorize your information so followers can learn more about what you offer.


One key to using social networking effectively is to use it consistently. You have to let followers know you are there, especially if you use it for business or want to gain more followers. You have to be appealing and interesting so that your followers will stay with you and get their friends follow you as well. But how can you achieve that? How can you get to the top? Having as many followers as you like will not take overnight. You have to invest both time and money. With patience and dedication, you may achieve it in time.


But you need to get to the top now. For those who have already amassed a number of followers, you need to stay at the top.


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