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How to Drive More Engagement with YouTube Comments

How to Drive More Engagement with YouTube Comments

Do you know that having more engagements on your YouTube channel is vital to building your community of subscribers?

It’s possible that your subscribers will watch all of your videos immediately you upload them, they may be there to either give like or dislike to your video.

However, what does a subscriber like or dislike about the video? This is where the need for more engagement of the subscribers.

Engaging these enthusiastic subscribers is very essential as you would like to always get feedbacks right from them on your new videos once you post them.

Everybody loves sales, but in the case of YouTube channels, everybody loves engagement. And among all strategies that drive engagements, Youtube comments top the list.

Comments on your YouTube videos give valuable social proof, it shows anyone visiting your video or the first time that other YouTube users found your videos interesting enough to have commented on it.

More so, Youtube comments on your YouTube videos can generate discussion between subscribers, and this would subsequently lead to more engagements and more new visitors would want to engage with your videos.

Here are ways through which you can drive more engagement for your videos with YouTube comments can drive.

Doing Comment Moderation

Moderating your Youtube comments is very important, but it is surprising that most people fail to do this.

Some YouTube comments can be messy enough to scare people or channel owners but setting moderation strategies in place can help in cleaning up this mess and make it a better engaging place for conversation.

YouTube comment moderation comes with a number of default settings that can be modified, these include: setting all users’ comments to be on hold for reviews in case there is an offensive word in it; setting comments from certain users as always approved; blacklist some offensive words from being used in user’s comment; banning certain users; etc.

Amplifying Your Views Through Comments

YouTube comments is another great way through which channel owners can communicate their messages after the video posts.

You have already launched the video, yes, but adding comments is another way of amplifying your views and engagement on the already-launched videos.

You ask how? when you, being the owner of the YouTube channel, comment or reply to a comment, viewers will read your comment or reply, may want to add own comment or reply too or watch the video for the second time.

More so, your comment or reply to a comment acts like another opportunity for you to communicate or rebrand the subject of the video to viewers.

And you know what? Doing this doesn’t cost you much but your time. And it’s good for you to be the last person to reply, so if your viewers’ comment, reply, and they reply to your reply, then reply again.

Ask Your Viewers to Engage

Another step to driving more engagement to your YouTube channel is to actually state it within your video asking your viewers to comment on the video.

Conclusively, I have outlined above 3 ways on how to drive more engagement with YouTube comments. These are by doing comment moderation, by amplifying your views through comments, and finally by ask your viewers in the video to engage.

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