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Vimeo vs Youtube Video Marketing

Vimeo vs Youtube Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Vimeo and YouTube are two excellent video hosting platforms which can be utilized to improve your business reach across the world. As of December 2013, over 52 billion online content videos were watched in the United States where 93 percent of marketers in the country used videos in order to facilitate their marketing attempts. A good video reaching the right audience on a large scale and skyrocket a business, and this leads to the ultimate question; which platform could help achieve this feat? Vimeo or YouTube? This article discusses the pros and cons of hosting on both sites, hopefully allowing you to figure out which one suits your needs better.

Youtube Marketing

Starting with YouTube, one has to know that it is  the world’s most famous video sharing platform, having over a billion unique users visiting the site every month. Every month, 6 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube, with 100 new videos being uploaded per minute. YouTube is completely free of cost, and is owned by Google. You will not be charged a single dime for creating your own YouTube channel. Last but not least, YouTube has advertising solutions that allow you to make money based on the amount of viewers you get on your video by displaying advertisements. However, YouTube also has some disadvantages, such as the high amount of videos being uploaded per minute makes it difficult for yours to be seen unless it is very unique and high quality. The advertising is competitive, and some businesses try to steal your viewers by showing their ads on your video. Other areas such as lack of access and traffic cannibalization can also be a threat to your business. To make the best out of YouTube, make sure your channel is unique, has a nice name and cover, as well as the right tags and keywords for each video before publishing.

Vimeo Marketing

Now comes Vimeo. The biggest advantage of using this platform is that it does not run any ads on your content, meaning users will not have to see other advertisements on your video. However, since Vimeo does not support advertisements, it offers paid subscriptions in order to make its money but the good news is that it is a very reasonable amount. The business plan comes for just $17 a month, and covers everything you might need for a good business account. Since Vimeo is a paid service, the quality of videos on it are better and the spam is lesser, which also means it is home to only serious video creators and regular watchers. The few disadvantages of Vimeo would be that it has far less traffic compared to YouTube, and chances are that Vimeo videos may not appear in Google search results in the future. The amount of uploads you can make on Vimeo are also limited. To make the best out of Vimeo, engage with audience all over the site in the comments section, and get your videos and account known site-wide.

Based on your budget and requirements, it is only you who can decide which platform is best for your business, as both come with promising pros and scary cons!

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