13 August 2014
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5 Essential Tips for Using Facebook Messenger

If you are an avid chatter and use facebook a lot for the purpose of chatting with your friends, then you should download facebook messenger immediately as it has been specially designed for this very purpose of chatting with friends on facebook.
Facebook has started notifying its users on app and on emails to download messenger, and the reasons they cited were that it works faster as compared to the default messaging in facebook app. Facebook said that once the user have seen this notification in their emails of app, they will have one week to download it. Facebook said that in coming weeks they are going to notify more people regarding this, if they want to receive and send messages on facebook, they will have to download facebook messenger. The focus of facebook is to make facebook messenger as the best and most used mobile messaging experience all over the world. Here are few tips that will help you in future once you will move to facebook messenger.
1. Muting Notifications
If you want to mute the notification of a message, you can tap on info butter and click mute. You can mute if for 1 hour, till 8 am or till you turn it on again.
2. Making a Phone Call
Facebook messenger also offers you free calling to other facebook messenger users. Just search for the user you want to call and if the phone icon is blue, that person is reachable, if it is grey then they won’t be able to attend your calls.
3. Disabling Location Tags
Your friends are able to see your location below your message. To switch it off just click on the arrow button next to your chat box, and it will be turned to gray from blue.
4. Deleting Imported Contacts
Facebook asks you to import contacts from your phone contacts. Facebook store them on its servers. It can also import information from your messages too. if your want to delete contacts that you imported to messenger then go to settings and click synced contacts and then learn more. This page shows all the contacts that were imported to your messenger and allows you to delete them at the bottom of that page. You can delete contacts from there. However, your phone contacts will be imported again you have turned on continuous syncing. You can also turn it off from messenger settings.
5. Saving an Image or Video
If you want to save a photo that some friend of yours sent you on facebook messenger, then you can tap and hold that picture for a second. Saving options will appear on your mobile screen. If you want to record a video to send it to some friend on messenger, then click on the camera icon, and when you are ready to record tap and then click the send button. Only videos of up to 15 seconds can be sent through messenger.

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