25 September 2013
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5 Proven Ways to Expand Your Business Using Social Media

Other than catching up with friends, you can also use social media to grow your business. Currently, many people search for products and services online; therefore, if you have a good online presence, you are set to benefit and easily expand your business. Although, social media will not lead to an overnight bump up in sales, using social media the right way, you will see a difference in your sales.

If you are wondering how you can use social media to expand your business, here are some tactics that you can use.
1. First thing you should do is to create a facebook page—if you don’t have one. The page should be professionally done. It should bare your logo, products and services that you trade, and any other information about your business. To be relevant in the social scene, you should be updating the page often with fresh content. The content that you paste on the page should be informational and beneficial to your readers.
2. To monitor feedback left by different people, you should use foursquare biz. Other than helping you to monitor feedback left by different people, foursquare also helps you to connect with your valuable customers. If you read any negative feedback left by a disgruntled customer, you should contact the customer and work out on how to rectify the problem.
3. Facebook graph is software that you can use to expand your business. The software allows users to search for your business directly. Once users find your business, they are able to find information about your business and the products that you offer. Therefore, if you optimize your business for this software, you will be on the lucky side.
4. LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform and you should make use of it. Create a professional LinkedIn account that has your business logo, services and products that you provide, and any other information that you would like your circle to know. Again, you should keep your profile updated with fresh content that is aimed at helping your visitors.
5. Finally, there is YouTube. Other than watching music videos, you can use YouTube to post tutorial videos, business videos, event coverage videos, and any other information that is of help to your visitors and to your business. The good side with YouTube is that people get to see you physically. This makes your visitors have trust in you, which results to increase in sales and the ultimate expansion of your business.

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