23 February 2014
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Academic Advantages of Twitter

Most of the people consider that Twitter is of no academic use. There are concepts regarding the fact that academics do not need to be on Twitter. However, there are some real benefits which are provided by Twitter to you on academic basis. Here are the academic benefits of Twitter:
• With the help of Twitter, you can learn about new research. You can get to know about new publications and conversations. Variance knowledge regarding conferences is posted on Twitter as well. If you have signed up on Twitter, then you can get to know about these conferences.
• You are provided with the option of creating your own community. You can connect with the colleagues and the people who are working in the same field as you do. This helps you in enhancing your knowledge regarding your field of work. You would be able to get better insights of other experienced people and thus, you would be able to work in a more productive manner.
• You can read as much as you like. The tweet and read options are enabled by the list feature. This enables you to read whatever you like on Twitter.
• You can get the updates of news, information and the stories on all those topics you care about. All you need to do is to follow the news updates and the people who write concise information on Twitter for you. This would surely benefit you in your academic career.
• By signing up on Twitter, you can get to know the things well before they reach facebook or emails.
Twitter is basically a space which is transformed by each user into a dynamic one. You can easily follow all the other users without their permissions. You can get to know their interests and thoughts through their posts. When you follow these people, their posts and feeds are updated on your account automatically. You can check out these posts and tweets several times in a day. In addition to check out the posts of the users whom you are following, you can also search for specific posts by the use of hashtag.
Whose posts you read solely depend on your own interests and passion. In case, you have an interest in the field of anthropology, you would prefer connecting with scholars, writers, and activists. This way, you would be able to discover articles, pedagogies, research and other possibilities which can help you in your academics.
Twitter works very fast and it covers worldwide ground. It depends on you how you turn it into a beneficial use. If you want to get help in your studies and career making, then choose the right people to follow. Find the people who would help you in widening your knowledge in your field of academics and read the most valuable information regarding it.
Twitter is beneficial for academics, only when you would use it in an advantageous manner. If you would do that, it would definitely turn out to be the best in your favour.

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