22 October 2014
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22 October 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Adding Instagram Tab in Facebook Page

Instagram users are growing in numbers over time. If you own a business, then it is really important that your fan base increases. This can be done by integrating variant platforms of social media in a single place. You can easily integrate Instagram with your Facebook fan page. This will allow your website to have more exposure.
The integration of these two social media platforms can be easily done with the help of an app or you can also connect both of them by yourself. Here is a step by step explanation of the most recommended Instagram options for you:

Feed of Instagram on Facebook Fan Page App

• Login to your Facebook account and search and install the app of Instagram. This can be done by typing Instagram in the search box. You will see a drop down menu on your screen. Choose the option of Instagram which says “Instagram feed for your fan pages”.
• After clicking on the option, you will see a page. You will see a blue button saying “Go to Apps”. This button is going to install the app for you.
• Now, you will be able to get permission for the integration of Instagram with the Facebook pages. You will see a list of fan pages which your account can have an access to. You have to notice that this is not equal to the fact that Instagram is going to get installed on all pages. It just means that it has option to do so. You have to click on the blue button which says “Allow” for completing the step.
• When you have granted the permission for Instagram integration and that it can have an access to your Facebook account, you will choose the pages that you like to feature on the app of Instagram. In order to finish the step, click on the option of “Add Instagram feed tab” after choosing the pages.
• This application is not going to allow you to choose more than page in one time. Therefore, if you are looking forward to integrate Instagram feed in another page of Facebook, you will have to repeat the procedure for that particular page.
• Now, most of the work has been done. Just one single step is left. When you have completed the last step, you will see a login window appearing at your screen. You have to provide accurate information for the account of Instagram that you actually want to feature on the Facebook page. The process of Instagram integration in Facebook page will be finished when you click on the button of “Login”.
The process is very simple and easy. After following all the steps mentioned in the above piece of writing, you will be able to see the app of Instagram on your Facebook page. It will be present in the drop down menu specified for applications.

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