9 July 2014
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Adding Instagram Widget in Your Blog

In this 21st century, the mediums that are shared and viewed most are pictures along with videos. Images and video clips have taken over the words and letters. Now they are liked and shared by people mostly on social networking websites such as Instagram. Instagram is akin to twitter but the only difference is that your posts and updates are restricted to photos majorly with a small section available for 15 seconds videos as well. If you are a blogger than you are given this opportunity to display your thinking and opportunity beyond the limitation of words that you used to type. Instagram will empower you a great tool for promoting your business and your hobbies etc. If you train yourself at blog designing, than Instagram even gives you an opportunity in which you can easily share your work station and even your templates to other persons globally.
Now I will tell you step by step on how to add Instagram widget in your blog.
1. First go to Template, then click backup/ restore button, and download full template.
2. Go to layout, then click add gadget and select HTML
3. Open a new tab, go to your Instagram website
4. Enter your login info and then select Grid or select slideshow ( in grid it will have the images shown just like they do it on the Instagram, while on slideshow is just like normal slideshow of your pictures)
5. Then select size of your thumbnail, default is 100px, and then select whether you want to add a photo border or not
6. You can then decide on having a background color for your template or not
7. Then preview your creation. If you find it good then select get code
8. Then copy the selected into HTML section and save the widget.
9. Then go for preview of your page layout. If you find it good click on save arrangement.
10. The widget will automatically update, when you will update on Instagram.
11. Remember the suitable place for the widget is the sidebar.
Concluding Remarks
One should always remember that Instagram is appealing to amateurs as well as professionals. By using the above mentioned widget, one can really spice up his blog. You should also remember that Instagram was purchased by facebook, due to the reason that you can let your facebook friends know that you are also on Instagram and run an account there too.
Updating new images has gone real easy. We don’t need a DSLR or a digital camera to snap photos and then transfer to them to our computers and then upload them on social networking websites like facebook. Twitter or Instagram. Nowadays smartphones are equipped with great camera that have amazing inbuilt filters in them and one can take exciting photos from Smartphones and upload them right away on Instagram. After taking that picture you just need to upload it on Instagram and due to the widget that I told you about in the above rows, your photo will also be shared on your blog right away.

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