6 June 2014
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Why Advertisers Like Instagram?

According to most of the social media marketers, the future of social media marketing is quite visual and predictable. According to a report on social media marketing, the marketers give a lot of value to social media marketing strategies. They are paying a huge attention to virtual marketing particularly than before.
The trend of using visual contents is increasing over a period of time. Most of the social media platforms are making use of such strategies for marketing the businesses. Most of the marketers are making use of platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for the purpose as well.
Some Interesting Facts regarding the use of Instagram
Here’s to why most of the marketers prefer using Instagram for the purposes of marketing:
1. According to latest estimates, the markets who are working in the market with a lot of experience prefer making use of visual networks like Instagram for marketing their products. It has also been found out that the marketers have increased the use of social media networks over a period of time. The use of Instagram has been increased to 26% from 15% over time. It has been found out that the marketers having five years in the field of social media marketing are tending to move towards the use of social media platforms. 47% of the marketers are making use of Instagram these days and the number is still growing.
2. In addition, it has been found out that the marketers who spend more than 40 hours in a week on social media marketing spend most of their time on Instagram, and other visual social media networks as compared with the others. A clear shift has been observed in the use of visual social media platforms. The use of Instagram has showed a dramatic increase over time.
3. According to the findings, B2C marketers like to invest more of their time in visual social media networks especially in Instagram as compared with that of B2B marketers.
4. The findings report that marketers are showing more interest in the visual channels as compared with that of blogging. It has been researched that around 67% of the people have shifted their concentration from blogging to visual channels for the purpose of marketing. 38% of these marketers are showing their interest in the use of Instagram.
5. Most of the marketers have shown their considerable interest in learning more about visual marketing techniques. This is clear evidence why people are moving towards the use of visual social media networks over a period of time.
As Instagram is a very significant in marketing and promoting the products and services; therefore, most of the people and marketers are shifting their focus towards this social media marketing. The above explained facts and figures clearly state that Instagram is gaining strength in the form of more users. Businesses can dramatically increase their followers by making use of the amazing features of Instagram.

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