reward program
We offer a variety of Social Media Services for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so much more. We give you the opportunity to make great money. There is no cap on the amount you can earn, and customers usually purchase more than one service for even higher earning potential. Join our affiliate program today!


When do I get my earnings?
Once you have reached $100, you can request your payout via Paypal. However, due to our policies on commissions, you will have to wait at least one month. Before the commission payout is finalised, it will be verified.
What is the minimum amount needed to request a payout?
The minimum amount needed is $100 or more. If you do not have the required amount, then the earnings will be added to the following month’s earnings.
What else do I need to know about getting paid?
As a general rule, we will review your account statement. If information is missing such as the means through which you are referring clients to our services, then, you will required to pass on this information before we finalise your payment.


Does the referral link expire?
If a client visits your referral link and makes a purchase within 180 days, you will get a commission regardless of the number of times that they purchase our services.
Do you have the advertising materials readily available?
Yes, you will find all the materials that you need in the Affiliate panel. You can use them wherever you find appropriate. You may use various means of advertising such as banners, text links in forum signatures. Additionally, you may also use PPC advertising.
What type of information can I access?
As per our privacy policy, no personal information will be disclosed. However, you can access the following general information from a purchase made from a referral link: Date referred: Time referred: Referral Location: Order Amount: Commission Earned:
What are the inappropriate marketing methods?
SPAM and other unwanted email publicity Spamming on forums, blogs and other places meant for comments Black hat SEO techniques Any method that is considered illegal The use of materials which will infringe our intellectual property rights The use of the trade brand “FastFacebookLikes” in the domain name


What happens if a client uses a stolen credit card?
In the event that a client is fraudulent, the commission charges will be reversed. If the commission has already been paid out, the commission will be taken from the following month’s payment.
What will happen if I get several deceitful orders?
In the event that the rates of your fraudulent orders are high, you will be issued a warning. If no action is taken and the rates are maintained, your affiliation will be terminated.
Can I use my own referral link as a client?
You are not allowed to refer yourself, in the event that this happens, you will not receive any commissions.

Important To Know

What happens when I sign up as an affiliate?
You will receive a link upon your registration as an affiliate to us. You will receive a commission on every customer who is then re-directed to our website (through the link on your website) and makes a purchase.
How much commission can I make?
For the affiliates, there are two types of affiliates: Junior Affiliates: They are those who can make up to 50 sales monthly and they will earn 20% on each purchase made. Senior Affiliates: They are those who can reach more than 50 sales monthly and they will earn 30% on each purchase made. The ballpark number for an average purchase is $50, thus, you can easily make a commission of $10-15 per dealing. Once you have referred a customer to us, you will continuously earn in the subsequent 180 days if they decide to make more purchases in the following weeks or months. That is, on all the purchases they make after the first one, you will continuously earn your commission. There is no restriction on the amount of commission that you can make.
When an order has been referred, how will I know?
We will be emailing you a copy of every new order that we receive. You can also view a detailed report of sales made on our Affiliate panel.