11 August 2014
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11 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Australian Lad Sued Facebook

An Australian law student has filed a case against facebook over the matter of privacy violation, and has urged all the 1.3 billion users of facebook from around the globe to join him in his campaign against facebook. The name of that guy is Max Schrems, and he has history of filing legal suits against big tech companies of USA earlier. His latest case against facebook has been filed in the Vienna’s commercial court on last Friday.
The legal proceeding can take interesting turns and can result in a big time problem for facebook, as the law of Australia allows that a group of people can lodge are able to transfer their claims of financial matter to some individual, and in this case it would be Schrems.
The student has created a site by the name of www.fbclaim.com and has invited people from all over the world to log in with their facebook ids on this site and become a part of this legal battle.
Schrems explained his battle on his website stating that facebook has been conducting violations from a longer time, and for this specific matter he has chosen a basic violation of common law. Facebook is violating privacy rules through various actions such as tracking of users on other websites, apps on facebook and PRISM program participation etc that spy on their users or the non complaints with respect to accessing requests. EU data protection law is the actual hope that raised the idea of lawsuit in the mind of Australian youth. He wants to receive a compensation of 500 Euros for every user of facebook on the basis of above mentioned valuations committed by facebook.
Schrems mentioned on his site that his real aim is to make facebook abide by the laws regarding data protection and privacy. The users are not going to risk any money by joining this campaign as a German legal financer is going to bear all the expenses in case Schrems loses this case.
While if he is able to win the case then his just going to receive the same 500 Euros of his part as being a user of facebook and nothing else. However, bad news is for the Canadian and US citizens who are not going to be able to participate in this lawsuit as the case is filed against Facebook Ireland, which runs their operations outside the jurisdiction of North America.
Screms also gave an interview to Reuters in which he said that it is a common habit of pointing fingers to US, but we are not enforcing our own rights anyway. He further said that in case of winning this legal battle, a strong message is going to be send to Silicon valley overall. He also appealed in Irish High Court over the allegations that many US companies that includes Facebook, Microsoft and Google provided private data of EU citizens to the NSA of USA. However, the judges of the Irish High Court referred this case to the European court of justice which hasn’t started reviewing it yet.

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