4 July 2014
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4 July 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Boosting Advertisement through Instagram

Instagram is not only a source for sharing pictures to friends and family but it can also prove very helpful for the growth of your business. Let me give you five tips that will help you achieving a good boost for your business through intelligently using Instagram.
Images should be used as story teller
If you are thinking of selling your product or your service, you need to make sure that the images you are about to use should reflect the experience of the product and should not be a product placement advertisement. One example of this tip can be taken from Starbuck that share photos of mostly cups a lot of time but every cup share a story. The focus is on the work that the person is doing while enjoying coffee not only that a person is drinking coffee. They show a person enjoys a coffee while reading a book or driving a car etc.
Photo should all under some category
You should make sure that the picture you are about to share should fall either in beautiful imagery or humor category. You should keep posting random party pictures and storm your Instagram account with spamming of useless photos. This type of spamming looks good only on Facebook.
Do not post too often
A very common and important rule is that you should post too many photos every day. Just post two or three pictures a day and do not post in a row but after a gap of few hours. If you are going to flood your account with pictures, then you will risk the loyalty and seriousness of your customers. If you look around on Instagram, you will see that average member follows 50 to 200 users which shows that contrary to facebook people like to add limited people on their profiles so that they get to see useless stuff on their wall. Similarly, unfollow also happen very rapidly on Instagram compared to facebook and twitter.
Choose same account name for both Twitter and Instagram
By using this tactics, it will be easy for your clients to recognize you and your product right away and secondly if you are tagged by some other user in a caption of some photo and that photo is being shared on Twitter that tag will automatically link to your twitter account. In this way tagging will make more sense on Instagram.
Use Hashtags
Just like it happens on Twitter, you should use hashtagging your pictures as it enables the discovery of your account by other people who are not inside your connections even. Use the search option available on Instagram to find out what are the trending hashtags and use them along with your post. Some common hashtags people use on Instagram are colors and filters. Instagram also doesn’t have any character limitation so you can also write a long hashtag.
Now if you are going to follow all the above mentioned tips, you will gradually see a growth and expansion in your business.

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