21 May 2014
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Brief introduction into (YouTube)

(YouTube) is a video sharing website. It exists since 2005, when three former PayPal workers created it. They had problems finding video materials online, which led to the idea of video sharing site. In 2006, Google bought (YouTube), and it is now part of Google Corporation. Anyone can upload videos in (YouTube) once they register. If you are not registered, you can watch videos, but you cannot upload them or comment. Most videos on (YouTube) are created by individuals, but media corporations and other organizations offer their material as part of partnership program with (YouTube). Besides professional videos, you can watch video clips, music videos, TV clips and amateur clips as short home videos, video blogging and educational videos. For some potentially offensive materials, you must register and confirm you are over 18.
(YouTube) good sides
(YouTube) is very simple and easy to use, both if you want to view, and if you want to upload some material. All you need is taped material, upload it in a computer, and share it on a (YouTube). Privacy settings are very safe so you can keep anonymous if you want to. It is a great way to improve and promote your business, if you use it wisely. Since people share information about interesting things they saw, if you upload something interesting, you could reach millions of views in no time. If you use it just to watch videos, you will notice it is very easy and simple to use. You can browse very safely, rate videos and leave comments. Videos with offensive material are marked, and you cannot look them if you do not confirm you are over 18.
(YouTube) bad sides
There is no checking up on personal information by (YouTube), so anyone who knows how to write can open an account and confirms he/she is 18. It means this site is not safe for children. (YouTube) is not too keen when it comes to copyright protection. Most videos are not protected, but for those that are, there should be better control. There is no restriction on comments so you can find inappropriate comments containing racial, religious, sex or other insults, bad language in general, and even violent threats. If you want to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes, you will need some time to verify your account by using mobile phone.
(YouTube) trends
(YouTube) trends are like any other trend on the internet: it appears; becomes extremely popular even no one is sure why, and in a week or two, another trend comes to taking its place. Just remember all those epic fails compilations, “mama, he bit me again” kid, Harlem Shake or latest Pharell Williams “Happy” videos from all over the world. I recently enjoyed in a video of a musician who taped one song in ten different singing styles. It is interesting to see how Luciano Pavarotti would sing Kathy Perry´s song. One thing is for sure. (YouTube) trends exchange faster than weather conditions.

(YouTube) has traveled a long way since its beginnings. Today it is the biggest video sharing community, and it continues to rise. With new mobile communications adjustment, it becomes more available, and it is most likely future of (YouTube) is bright.

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