16 July 2014
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16 July 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Buying Cheap Facebook Likes

The most revolving question nowadays about social networking sites is that how one increase facebook can likes? Now there are many ways and tips suggested by various bloggers on how one can increase facebook likes without spending a dime and by doing few efforts, one can raise a lot of facebook likes. But normally to achieve something, one needs to spend something too. So a very simple in which no hardworking and efforts is required is to buy facebook likes. Now large number of facebook likes has become a form of status symbol and people feel proud in having facebook likes in thousands or in millions even. Also, large numbers of facebook likes gives boost to your business and brand as well. Due to this demand of facebook likes, a whole new platform and industry has been created just for selling and buying of likes on facebook.
Below I will discuss few of the websites from which you can buy really cheap facebook likes and they offer you the best deals in down. So let’s have a look at those facebook likes selling websites.
1. Socialfansgeek: This is a great website that starts selling likes for only 19$ for a worldwide fan count of 500 and only 39$ for any targeted country likes that you desire. This site provides unlimited facebook likes on desirable packages. For a meager amount of 1599$, a person can get 100,000 real facebook likes that come from real facebook ids.

2. SocialKik: This is another great site for the very said purpose. You can buy 1000 fans like for only 59%, and this is not all, you can buy facebook likes upto 50000 fans for just 999$. If you want targeted fans that are of some selected location then you will have to pay just 79$ for 1000 likes and for 5000 likes you will be paying just 1199$. The likes will be from no bots and there will be no spamming done, and the most important part is that all the orders are covered with money back guarantee.

3. FacebookFans: This site also offers various packages such as silver plan in which you can buy 1000 facebook fans for just 39.97$ in which 1000 real human accounts will like your page. You will have a choice of fans from UK and US. There is also a gold plan in which you can buy 5000 likes for just 99.97$.
4. SocialPromotionz: Their starting trial packager is from 40$ in which you can buy 500 targeted facebook likes but you can buy 10000 facebook likes for 740$ and those all will be from USA.
5. Fanbullet: The package starts from 79.95$ in which they sell you real 1000 and targeted facebook likes within a span of 2-4 weeks. You can also buy 5000 fans for just 329.95$ that will be received in 4-6 weeks.
6. Myfbfans: Starts from 29$ with selling you 2000 real facebook likes in just a week direct to your facebook page.

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