25 July 2014
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Can you quit Facebook?

We all believe that Facebook has become a very significant part of our lives. According to a research, around 802 million people log into their Facebook account on daily basis. On average, they spend around 17 minutes on this social media website. What if you are asked to quit sharing your ideas, posts and photos with your friends for three months? Would you be able to do it?
Facebook users have been challenged by a Dutch nonprofit to quit using it for three months. The challenge has been placed for happiness surveys. The users have been asked to quit using Facebook for about 99 days and take part in happiness surveys. These surveys would help in determining if any change is observed in their mood.
This initiative has been given the name of “99 days of freedom”. It is a kind of experiment which would help in finding out changes in the emotional state of the users when they won’t be using Facebook.
It was found out that when Facebook shares assertive posts, people are more likely to share such posts and messages. On the other hand, when more negative posts are shared, it results in negativity and people share negative messages on their Facebook.
The interesting thing is that these experiments are carried out secretly and most of the users are not aware of it around 700,000 users of Facebook were enrolled in the experiment. It disturbed a lot of people.
Just is the creative firm which has placed this challenge. The art director of Just said that a very interesting trend was noticed. Almost every Facebook user was found to have a complicated connection with Facebook.
This initiative did not suggest people to quit using Facebook forever. It only requested them to quit it for three months. The 28 hours of free time in three months could be easily utilized for banking rather than spending them on Facebook.
If you are going to participate in the challenge, the challenge would allow you to change your profile picture and update a status for the last time. This would work as a link to countdown, which would display the time you would spend away from Facebook.
If you would participate, the initiative would check you after 33, 66 and 99 days and would request you to fill in the happiness surveys to check your mood. Their website would display the results, which would also display a message board where you would be able to share your feelings regarding leaving Facebook.
In 2010, a group of Facebook users managed a team and organized a “Quit Facebook Day”, which was followed by a lot of changes in the privacy policy of the social media website.
The Quit Facebook Day website still receives a lot of commitments of quitting Facebook. Up till now, 7,000 people are ready to participate in 99 Days of Freedom initiative.
Would you be able to quit using Facebook?

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