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Facebook Instant Articles – how can you use this for your business promotions?

Promoting your business is very important. This is because irrespective of the quality of your products and services or how affordable they are, nobody will patronize you if they don’t know about you. This is why it is important to have an online presence through a website and social media towards informing your audience about […]

Facebook Pages for Business: A Guide for Newbies

If you are a business owner and haven’t been using the Facebook Pages for business till now, then you must be seriously missing out! Facebook has developed from being just a social media platform to connect with friends and family all around the world to a powerful marketing tool to promote your online store and connect […]

10 Tactics for Handling Haters on Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook has grown into a very powerful platform that can be used to achieve virtually anything. Nevertheless, Facebook also offers a platform that attracts haters. You know, most people like to give complain even about what seems right. More so, customers’ experience does a very long way on a business, research has it that […]

Why You Should Buy Facebook Likes

Have you been considering whether to buy Facebook likes or not? If you are in such a quagmire, the answer is simple. Buying Facebook likes is a good opportunity for you to boost your business. However, a lot of people are really considered with the uselessness of having lots of fake fans and likes. Of course, when […]

Tips to Boost Your Business with Social Media [Updated]

Social media networks are the in-thing today because they present a wonderful ground for businesses and individual to communicate and disseminate information. Communication and information dissemination via social media is seamless. Facebook, being one of the most used social media, presents a platform for businesses to not only make themselves popular but also to market […]

Promote your Blog Traffic through these Top Social Media

Blogging has become a lucrative business with the recent development of technology where businesses have been taken online. The growth of this sector has necessitated a lot of competition hence, the need for recognition and increment in the number of visitors through these top social media. It is one thing to blog; it’s another thing […]