22 June 2014
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How to Contact with Instagram

If during your work in Instagram you’ve encountered some problem or violation of user rules, you don’t need to tolerate it! There are many ways to inform Instagram’s administration about that! The simplest way is to use special forms published in the help category. However, you can always contact with Instagram via social networks. How to? Read this post!

How to contact with Instagram via Instagram?

1. Go to Privacy & Safety Center. You can find this category of the website below Help Center. Then choose the option “Report Something”.

2. Report the hacked account. Choose the option “Hacked Account” below “Report Something”. Then you’ll get two variants: “My account is posting unauthorized content” and “I think my account have been hacked”. Choose the second variant. The choice of the first variant will redirect you to the page with recommendations how to make your account more protected. Unfortunately, this won’t help you contact with Instagram. However, the choice of the second variant will bring you directly to the page of contact with Instagram. Click the link and then choose whose account has been hacked – yours or other person’s – in order to report the problem to Instagram.

3. Report the impersonation account. Below the heading “Report Something” choose the option “Impersonation Account”. Then click the link “Submit a Report”, this will bring you to the corresponding page. You’ll be required to describe the situation so first think before replying. After you’ve finished with this, click the button “Send”.

4. Report the usage of the website by users below the census age. According to Instagram’s rules, any person of 13 or older can be the user. Accounts created by those who are younger will be deleted as violating of the service’s rules. Of course, the erotic and pornographic content with minors is also be reported! Choose the option “Underaged Children” below the heading “Report Something”. Read the message and click the link “fill out this form”. You’ll be redirected to the corresponding contact page where you can give all the data about the user who is under the permitted age. If you’ve encountered the erotic and pornographic content with minors, don’t share it and don’t comment on it. Click “…” under this message and choose the option “Report Inappropriate”. Choose the reason why this content violates Instagram’s rules and send the message.

5. Report the account that incites hatred. Report images or comments offending honor and dignity via image options. Report accounts created for the purpose of inciting hatred and propaganda via the corresponding form. If you’ve found the image inciting hatred click “…” below this message and choose the option “Report Inappropriate”. Choose the reason why this content violates Instagram’s rules and send the message. If you’ve found the account inciting hatred choose the option “Hate Accounts” under the headline “Report Something” on the corresponding page and click the link “submit a report”. Follow further guidelines to contact with Instagram.

6. Report violations of the copyright to Instagram. If an Instagram user has violated the copyright, you can report this, choosing the option “Intellectual Property” below the headline “Report Something” on the corresponding page. Go to the headline “Report a Violation”. Then choose what exactly has been violated – “Copyright” or “Trademark”. Having chosen the needed variant click the corresponding link – either on “Report copyright infringements” or on “Report trademark infringements”.

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