2 August 2014
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2 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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A Cool New Facebook App “Slingshot”

As there were questions rolling around regarding Facebook answer to snapchat, finally facebook responded with “Slingshot” after amazing poke, which was also a messaging app but was withdrawn from the app store in month of May. Facebook which is the world’s largest social networking website is in strategy to become a giant and more dominant. First it bought instagram, and then it bought whatsapp, all to expand its photo sharing and messaging capacity and also made an attempt to buy snapchat in the late last year.
But as the aim for buying a hot new stuff for the teenagers around the globe failed, and even the own usage of Snapchat declined rapidly, Facebook asked its tech team to create its very own app for the said purpose. Just like Snapchat, slingshot is an app that has disappearing photo messages, along with a palette for users scroll down the pictures in bright colors and also gives ability to its users to remain anonyms. Snacpchat also anticipated this coming, and on this Tuesday the released a new features which enables its users to upload pictures of same story, e.g. of a party or a holiday, so that it looks like facebook.
Slingshot is an app in which by connecting though phone numbers only and not by facebook profile, it becomes the first facebook app for which is it is not necessary to become a member of facebook and create an account on it. Still it asks that whether you want to add some facebook member to your network However, this function of facebook will be a reason for sacrificing some of its very precious resources, including the data that attracts the advertisers and marketers, but anyways facebook has accepted that it will require some time before slingshot start becoming a revenue machine for them. For the start, they want to make it popular among users worldwide.
Moreover, a feature of Slingshot which is not present in Snapchat, is a very unique feature and somewhat strange too, that the photos will not appear until and unless you have sent one photo in return. This does seem to be a cool feature for the kids, as it will persuade conversations along with quick back and forth which in result improves engagement. But it doesn’t seem to be very attractive for older users as they have to send a photo necessarily to respond to a message which they didn’t even see yet.
Facebook is struggling to break out this amazing app and make a difference in the world of app, so that almost 1.3 Billion users can be beneficiated. As in earlier days, facebook created its own messenger to make chat easy and colorful, and then invented Papers to make facebook more magazine style oriented, and in few moths it has achieved a high ranking on app store. By keeping this strategy of experimenting new and new stuff, the biggest social network website wants to ensure that no other group can compete with facebook in near future.

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