3 August 2014
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How to corner out facebook on privacy settings?

Facebook has just announced that it’s going to change its privacy and advertising policy as updated by its blog on Thursday, which is going to augment the tracking of users even outside facebook. Moreover, users will now have the control on their advertising preferences. Sad news is that in a few days, facebook is going to ignore the Do Not Track option of the browser, which Google and yahoo already ignores.
On this regard a spokesman of facebook stated that facebook does not track but only uses the cookies that are present on the social plug-in which personalize the content. It will help in maintain and in betterment of security, safety e.g. barring an underage kid, to login with fake age credentials. Facebook is going to delete the information within ninety days, and will never sell the user’s information.
Facebook has remained a victim of accusations in regard of using cooking for tracking users even after logging out session. Now, Facebook has introduced its very own tracking trick which is an alternative to cookies named as FB conversion pixel. It is a 1×1 pixel which cannot be seen and is in gif format and performs the duty of tracking.
Breach of Privacy
However, there is a way out from this. FB mentioned that even by clearing the cookies from the browser, the user cannot opt out from the tracking program. The advocates of privacy stated that this type of unprecedented tracing is a breach into privacy of people and they criticize the federal government which allowed facebook to come forward with this tracking plan. Jeff chester, who is the ED of Centre for Digital Democracy commented on Washington Post that “ It is right that everyone is indulged in this business now and this is how things work, but this type of tracing is very new and will have dramatic effects on it users.
Corning out Facebook
Firstly, to knock out this problem, solution would be to bookmark the Digital Advertising Alliance, as user will have to visit it again and again. Then, user should use a browser that he does not use frequently. Then go to the browser setting and click Digital Advertising Alliance and choose to opt out from Facebook. Next, sign out from facebook from the browser you regularly use, and then delete all the cookies. Then repeat the process of opting out from DGA on the regular browser. Remember, to opt out one must have switched on cookies. User will have to opt out every time he clears the cookies.
One important point many users forget is that the Facebook always states that it cares for the privacy of its users and that is too depicted in its privacy settings options. But the issue is that those settings are only for the interpersonal communication and front-facing privacy settings which have no link with the company’s computer. The sharing of private details by the company with other business partners is something out of the reach of a user.

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