27 June 2014
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Disadvantages Of Using FB

The well designed website, Facebook though has brought several advantages as part of its usage, there are also some disadvantages which pertain to the use of the site. As the famous saying goes, there’s always a negative side to everything because whatsoever, the negatives are always out there. This implies that the disadvantages cannot be overlooked and must be kept in mind before you go on to use this site. The following takes a look upon some of the main disadvantages of the site.
Firstly, as you may know, the site Facebook has the same effect as that of caffeine. Yes you got it right! FB is highly addictive. The habit turns into addiction when you start to spend more time than required to entail information and start to feel your life incomplete with it. Where ever you, whenever you go, you just cannot survive without using it. This is the time when you should reconsider using FB or else you will keep wasting your valuable time which can be better allocated somewhere else.
When using the site, you should consider the fact that there is a hype of fake profiles and IDs which are trying to trap you. This is seen as the biggest drawback of the site because it is now very easy to get a random picture and create a profile. This act is commonly used by people as a means of taking revenge or irritating someone they unlike. This activity targets young girls at the most when guys tend to befriend them and add them using a fake profile. This also makes the information shared by young girls vulnerable to danger. This implies young girls must enable privacy settings and try not to share stuff that is too personal in order to stay safe.
The negatives continue with a huge prevalence of FB fan pages and groups which have been only created to target some people and activities. This is majorly the case when one group wants to target some sect, religion or specific personalities. Though this act is highly unacceptable, but unfortunately extremists exist in our society. Here comes the responsibility of the admin which should take serious measures as regards the extremist activities and should ban all such pages and groups.
Because the majority of people using the site are youngsters, their studies have a bad impact due to loads of precious time wasted on the site. This implies that FB has a destructive impact rather than having a constructive one and tends to leave the students astray. A huge number of youngsters do not take account of their education while remain constantly in touch with the site in order to connect to their friends and know what has been going around. This has made the young lot more prone to destruction. Here comes self responsibility and monitoring of parents so everything is just adequate.
Though there are disadvantages to using the site, one should always prioritize things and allocate time for different activities so everything is in balance!

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