12 August 2014
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12 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Don’t fall for Scam of Finding out Facebook Profile Visitors View

Many times while using Facebook, your eyes might have seen some link or post related to knowledge regarding people who visited your facebook profile like Orkut used to do. There are many claims by websites and apps that tells you that they have some kind of method that will tell you whether your crush or wife is stalking you on facebook or not. However, despite of great temptations to find out about the biggest online stalker by everyone, facebook has said several times that there is no way at all to find out who visited your profile including all the third parties.
Facebook released a blog on Common Myths About Facebook on their official page. It clearly stated that facebook doesn’t allow anyone including third party app to track out who views profiles of anyone at all. It stated that if any facebook user comes across any such app which claims to do this, report that app to facebook. Even with these repeated claims by facebook, it doesn’t have performed much good in changing the mindset of users who are still thinking that there might be some way with anyone to track profile visitors. Just last week Bitdefender which is an antivirus firm released a report on the most popular scams of facebook in 2014, and it gave a clear picture of the mindset of users who are really intrigued to know who visit their profile. The most popular scam reported by Bitdefender was those apps that offer the number of profile visits along with the ability to tell if a friend has deleted you. Seeing top 10 profile peekers and find out who has viewed your profile were also included in that list.
Apart from the fact that clicking on these links shows self-obsession, but these third party apps and links are luring but very dangerous too, and they often lead the clickers to some kind of website that installs malware in the computer of user, and that can result in identity theft along with other major concerns. In this case, the closest option that facebook users get to know something about their online presence is Facebook Insights. It does not really help in tracking down the stalkers, but it allow the public or businesses to view various metrics regarding their online presence and how many liked their facebook in certain time period, and how many people clicked a post and how many people saw that post.
The chief security chief of Bitfender, Catalin Coso told in an interview last week that this is the best social engineering, with challenging games that hits the right psychological button in human mind. The teasing has been changed with passage of time with admirers, stalkers, girlfriends and exes hounding you, but the only reason this scam works many times is the human nature. It is the human mind actually that drives the inquisitiveness of a facebook user to find out their stalkers.

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