21 April 2018

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E-Marketing and Facebook has Strong Relation

Facebook is an online social site that was established by Mark ZuckerBerg in 2004. It makes your connection with your friends, family and those whom you know by name much easier online.

It just required an email address to create a Facebook account earlier but now it is more secured. But almost everyone with a valid email id can facilitate themselves with this online social network that is being used by almost 1 Billion users worldwide. Coming to the online marketing or e-marketing, it is the sale of products or services over the internet. According to a survey, about 60% of people said that they purchased items because they received messages via email. It increases its traditional marketing strategies by implementing return on investment.

Relationship between Facebook and e-marketing

Due to its enduring popularity and use on daily basis by nearly 62% of its subscribed users, it is impossible to shrug off Facebook for online marketing or E-marketing. E-Marketing is run of the mill marketing strategy used by diligent marketers to sale their products online. It builds a long-lasting relationship with the customers when it is integrated with Facebook. Facebook is a promoting platform where you can manage pages to advertise your product or service and can connect or socialize with your customers on daily basis. It initiates fast responses and due to its global reach it grows the scope of the brand, service or product. The marketer wants to see its product everywhere on the internet. The Facebook helps promotion of the brand and product, services by Facebook shares, uploads and Facebook pages. The information, pictures and content is uploaded by the marketers on their respective pages and there the people can see them, purchase them and surely adore the service by getting desired quality.

Different brands advertise their clothes, products and hand accessories on Facebook and give discount on them. There is online payment and cash on delivery payment method offered online. Now shopping has become easier and is just one click away at your home. You can search for anything you wish for. All these facilities are the reason behind the rapid growth and promotion of e-marketing day by day.

Facebook Advantages

Facebook helps reduction in costs due to large quantity purchases. It’s free to see the items and check the prices and avail the discount offers on items that are on sale. People like the products and services and then share them with their friends and family. This also promotes the sale. It increases interaction among the marketers and the customers. They can socialize with each other and can share their likes and dislikes and the offers in mails and instant messaging. Being globally accessible, the e-marketing find no boundaries between its products or services and the consumers. Therefore it is not a good choice for a marketer to underrate the power of Facebook media in the growth of the e-marketing in this world of unanimous technology where everything is just one click away.

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