21 August 2014
21 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
21 August 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Facebook has banned users to like pages until it updates the apps

Facebook has banned users to like pages until it updates the apps

Facebook has released Graph API version 2.1 recently. In addition to this release, Facebook has also made an announcement of two most important changes to the policies of its platform under the games and other uses of Facebook. The developers of these releases have got around 90 days until 5th November. This would be done in order to comply with the new rules and policies of Facebook.
Here is the explanation of how Facebook spells out the two recent changes :
• The games of Facebook which incorporate optional in- application charges and mandatory charges must expose this policy and rule in the description of the applications. This must be done either on Facebook or many other platforms that get its support. This is done in order to provide the people with clear indication about the fact that the game might charge the people while they are playing games.
• You must not provide incentives to the people for using plug-ins or liking the pages of Facebook. This further incorporates offering various kinds of rewards and gating the applications or the contents of applications which are created on the basis of the fact if the person likes the page or not. This is acceptable to provide incentives to the people for logging into the application and check-in into the place or entering into the promotion page of the application. In order to provide surety of the quality connections and helping businesses in reaching the people, the company wants the people to like pages as people require connecting and hearing from variant businesses. This is not because people want to get artificial sort of incentives. It is believed that this update is going to benefit the people and marketers in the samey way.
The first of two changes is quite straightforward and simple. If you are the developer of a game, then all you need to do is to add accurate warnings into your applications. In case you do not want to charge the players anything for playing the game, then you would not require doing anything.
According to the reviews, the second change is very much interesting. It is obvious that Facebook is again cracking down on those people who are trying to game out the algorithms. In case the Facebook page is not showing an organic growth, it means that you are giving your page artificial boosts. You would have to re-evaluate the strategies for adding more users to your Facebook page.
These two changes are surely going to bring positive results for the company. The changes in the game play and alterations in the policy and rules of the games and applications would definitely help the company in boosting up the profits. However, these changes have prohibited the users from using and updating the applications up to the date of 5th November. Till then, Facebook would be busy in making new changes in its products and services.

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