2 July 2014
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2 July 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Facebook Downtime Stirs Panic

On Thursday 19th June 2014, the world of facebook almost came to an end for about 30 minutes. It happened as users across the globe were unable to log in and access to their accounts on biggest social networking website on this earth known as facebook. This website is available on internet since 2010. It happened due to a technical failure that caused operations of facebook to go down all over the world at the same time. This problem was faced by everyone including big companies to home based users, and both rely on facebook to share and post messages to their customers and their clients about their products and to update statuses for family friends.
Ed Barton who is a media and entertainment analyst for a tech research firm name ovum said that it is quite unusual and big for facebook to doing down completely. It is embarrassing for all. However, any official from facebook or not even Mark Zuckerberg describe the reason or provided any details regarding the failure and what actually caused the breakdown. Facebook only notified that it has resolved the issue and facebook is back again worldwide. As soon as the breakdown occurred, users all across the world flooded twitter and other social networks sites and started to rant and whine regarding the down. In this chaos, some other competitive brands found a good time to start advertising their own brands and messages. The cutoff and the response that was followed by the disruption, fully explains the power and value of social networking media and how important it has became in the life of every internet user.
This also tells that even if people feel problem regarding some social networking site, they will even complain and rant about it on social networking sites. Since the time facebook came into being by Mark Zuckerberg in his dorm at the Harvard University, Facebook has acquired repute and it has now become a leading platform for companies to advertise and marketer, celebrities to communicate and share exiting photos with their fans, and other millions of people who regularly update about their life happenings through facebook. Facebook has also gained a status of source of reliable and quick information as throughout the day users keep posting and sharing global news, and people share articles of various newspapers and magazines on the wall so that other friends can also benefit and get latest news and info.
Facebook down gained so popularity in 30 minutes, that #facebookdown became trending on Twitter, and hundreds of thousands of peopled spoke and posted their anger regarding this issue, however many people expressed their anger with light humor as well. This was the longest outage of facebook from internet since 2010. In 2010 server went down for about 2.5 hours as sourced by bombers. Facebook also went down for United States earlier this year in February. But now it is relaxing news that facebook has confirmed that it is now well 100 %.

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