5 March 2014
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Facebook Fan Pages

Social media is a perfect way for you to communicate and respond to people. Facebook has become the most eminent social media network these days because of the following facts:
• It has more than 2 billion active users
• 50% of the total users of Facebook use their account daily
• An average Facebook user has 130 friends
• It has been found that people usually spend around 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.
The social media networks provide excellent field when it comes to marketing of small businesses. You are allowed to build a fan page for Facebook for your offline business. With the help of Facebook fan pages, you can use the best tools and resources for advertisement.
Facebook Marketing:
Facebook started for college students for keeping in contact with their students. Therefore, it is observed that Facebook community appeared to start from the academic basis which played its role in joining the students and the old students thus widening circles.
Facebook helps in suggesting friends to you. Those friends are suggested who are common between you and your friends. On the contrary end, Facebook provides suggestions which would extent your network which are based on the friends who you may have in common with a person in your friends list.
Another mechanism which is used by Facebook marketing is Facebook Like option. This option has been expanded beyond the facebook pages and fan pages across the web.
Another tool which is most commonly used by Facebook mechanism is its ability to create link between websites, twitter accounts and fan pages of Facebook. This is easy to be done with website creation software options. These days, most of the people make use of blogging software like WordPress.
WordPress is the best website management system. You can easily set your website for showing changes on the Facebook fan pages and Twitter account. You can also set your twitter account for showing facebook fan page with the posts from the WordPress website. This way, your tweets would be able to display on Facebook fan page and your website.
The most crucial benefit which is offered by Facebook is to make use of Pay per click advertisement. These are also termed to be Facebook ads. Each ad is shown and you have to pay when the users click on the ads.
Facebook takes an entirely different approach as the ads which are displayed in front of the people who meet requirements which you choose.
All in all, Facebook is a perfect way of advertising your small business. A lot of tools are used by Facebook for advertising your business. If you have a business and you want to advertise it in a beneficial way, then you must make use of the tools and equipments which are offered by it to you. All you need to do is to have an ultimate knowledge of these tools and you would surely be able to get massive benefits out of it.

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