22 March 2014
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22 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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How Facebook Helps People

Facebook is the king of social media. When you meet someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account, you almost do a double take. It’s shocking. Some people would say that Facebook is a waste of time. They may use words like useless, or frivolous to describe the website, but there are many good qualities to Facebook that you may not have considered.
Facebook connects you to people you may not speak to in any other way. I have friends from England, and across the United States. If not for Facebook I may never speak to them, but when I see that they are online, it is so much easier to click on their names and say hello. This connectivity allows people to keep in touch and be aware of what may be happening to the people in their lives, or the people who are not so much in their lives but they are still close to.
Let’s be honest though, we all know that Facebook is good at keeping people connected and reconnecting people. It’s practically what it’s known for (That and Farmville). What you may not know is that Facebook is also good at helping to reunite people with their pets. After events like a natural disaster, some people find lost pets and can post its picture on Facebook to be shared and spread around until the owner might be found. It is fast and more effective that found pet posters. Many a lost cat or dog has been reunited with a happy owner because of Facebook sharing.
Another thing that Facebook helps people do is mourn a lost loved one. When my mother passed I found a lot of comfort in my Facebook friends. Facebook also allowed me to tell those friends what I was feeling without having to speak the words. I could write on my wall how I felt about my mother’s passing and people could comment and comfort me in the appropriate way. I even created a page for my mother to remember her where my friends and family could say the things they remembered about her and had liked about her.
You may think that Facebook likes are useless. When you see a picture of a poor child that needs an operation and is asking for likes you may think it’s pointless, but you’re wrong. Facebook helps to raise awareness if nothing else. There are some organizations that will donate money for said operations based on how many likes an image gets. Using Facebook to raise awareness of an issue is one of the fastest ways to go about it.
Of course Facebook has its bad points too, but we mustn’t think that it’s all bad. Facebook does a lot of good things for the people of the world and keeping them connected is just one of many of those things.

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