28 June 2014
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Facebook – An Insight

Facebook is one the most popular social networking websites. The purpose of this site is to synchronise the people you know with those whom you don’t and want to know. The mission of the site is to give people the power to share and make the world an open, connect and better place which enables sharing.
The history of the site traces back to 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg created this amazing website with the help of his friends. The purpose of the site was to act as a medium of interaction between the students of the university he studied at. This helped the students share their experiences and enabled them to get to know each other.
Initially, its usage stood limited to Harvard university, but later on was made available to other universities in America. As it was created as a binding and synchronizing agent, its spell was widespread and it was gaining popularity. The idea that Mark has launched saw a drift and the site was then available to be used by the general public.
Seeing the popularity of the website, many investors saw it as a great opportunity and therefore, the site saw great investments from many great companies including Microsoft. This made the site to grow into a great business platform which meant a win-win situation existed for all – for the owners of the site and for those who wanted to earn using the site.
With the passage of time, various features were added to the site. The options of finding friends, following, updating statuses and picture upload was added lately and various other features of check ins, connecting with social pages and the creation of groups were added. Since the introduction of these features, the site has seen hypes of users which continue to grow with each passing moment.
To make communication easy and private, features of privacy and instant messaging were introduced. The core reason for these was that people wanted to experience confidentiality and exercise customized privacy settings. However, these features are not a detailed list and there are various others which you need to explore. Moreover, the site continues to introduce various features every now and then and is constantly striving to make it better. All these features are offered to you without any cost! Yes, this amazing site is free to use!
As Facebook is one of the most popular and most visited sites, there is great opportunity for investors to grab the social status of the site and use it for their own benefit. Advertisement has become a major source of the generation of revenue and this is the reason why there are banner ads placed on the website. As the service is free, these ads help in the generation of revenue which aids the management to bring to you an exclusive website for free.
Undoubtedly, the site has helped to finish the physical boundaries that had been existing for long and has been benefiting people, whether they use it for personal reasons or professional!

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