7 June 2014
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7 June 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Facebook Latest Redesign

The new version of Facebook news feed was introduced one year back. Facebook spent a lot of time and effort in presenting a new design. It incorporated the use of big photos and a dynamic and flexible navigation bar. The new design of Facebook was rolled out to a large number of the users. The users of Facebook did not like the new design of the Facebook news feed.
A latest design of News Feed is being introduced by the social media network. The company has learnt a lot from its trials. It has learnt a lot out of the failures and has applied them to a new design which it is planning to roll out to the users across the web. The new design of the News Feed is just like the version of Facebook which is viewed in the mobile phones. The new design incorporated new iconography, fonts, story cards and the use of bigger photos as well. The preeminent drop down feature of Facebook feeds has been ditched by the new design. The drop down menu has been placed on the sidebar of the platform. Facebook has turned its News feed into more like a newspaper which shows the feeds like the feeds of RSS. The news feeds like those of photos, groups and all friends have been removed by the new design.
The dark theme of Facebook side bar was confusing for most of the users. This side bar has been collapsed into a long strip of icons according to the size of your screen. It was a good idea but it prevented the users to get around the site in a good way. Previously, some of the posts were considered complex and complicated. This idea has been renewed by the new design of Facebook. The complicated post types have been altered into simplified versions. The profile photos have also been moved back in the cards of stories now, just like the old news feed of Facebook.
You are going to see a big search bar in Facebook now. The users who are English speaking are going to see a graph search bar, where they would be able to type their questions. The users who cannot speak English will use their original results of search like pages, placed and people.
The new news feed of facebook is revolutionary. It is very difficult for a firm to change the design of its platform when it has 1.2 billion users. Variant fun labs have been started out by Facebook to test new features and products to offer to the users.
The latest news feed does not look new. However, Facebook has learned a lesson regarding the fact that desktop and mobile are not equal and they cannot be treated equally well. Many new experiments are being carried out by the experts and it is hoped that Facebook is going to introduce many new designs for its users along with exceptional quality and usage.

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