29 April 2014
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Facebook like Button- Some Basic Information

When someone likes any activity on Facebook, a description is sent to the other friends on their news feed. They can see the page or post you like. Facebook like button offers dynamic benefits to the Facebook users.
Facebook like button was integrated in 2010 on the website. When this button is clicked on, the content is then shared with your friends. Firstly, your activity of liking the page would appear on their wall. After that, the entire story would be posted on their News feed. The story may include a link which redirects the users to the website. Your Facebook page is going to appear on their interest activities when they will like your page. When users click on the like button on your Facebook page, you would be able to send updates about your online business. The updates are going to appear on all the likers of your page.
The function of Facebook like button had the same function before as well. The difference lies in the fact that now you can see it everywhere on the web. Businesses can include the like button on their photos and videos as well. Like button is a perfect way to attract more people towards your website.
In case, you have three likers of your Facebook page and these likers have 100 friends each, then you have an opportunity to get exposed to 300 people at a point in time. It shows that Facebook like button has a viral sort of effect.
Facebook like Button on the Websites
Facebook like button exists in two versions. The first version in I-frame and the other one is XFBML. The later makes use of Java Script for its usage. However, on the other hand, I-frame just utilizes a single line code. Facebook hosts the entire content. These versions have an ability to detect if the Facebook users are active on Facebook or if they are not using any cookie. In case the users are logged in and are using the Facebook account, the content gets personalized for them. The lists of friends are shown to these users who have previously clicked on the like button. In case, the users are not signed into their Facebook account, they would be asked to log in to like the page.
The later version i.e. XFBML makes use of JavaScript. This version helps in resizing the profile pictures for proper accommodation. This gives the users an ability to write the comment. It further gives an ability to the users to click on the like button. In case, if comment is left by the users, this story is then sent to the Facebook; thus giving it more prominence.
In case, you want to customize the like button, you can easily add your website to Open Graph protocol. This website is going to integrate your page into social media network. When you will add Meta data, the entire content would be customized which would appear on the wall of the users.

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