18 August 2014
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Facebook Messenger Facing Fears of Privacy

Internet has been facing a lot of privacy issues concerning Facebook messenger application. Facebook Messenger is the only way which can be used by the users of mobile to receive and send the messages on social media networks.
Most of the Messenger users were notified that they would not be able to receive or send the messages unless they install the application. It was also notified that most of the users are going to get these messages in time period of months and weeks.
A lot of criticism has been seen on this part. Most of these criticisms included policies like ability of the application to call on the phone numbers without any involvement. In addition, the criticism has been done on using the camera at any time without taking permission of the user.
According to a report, Facebook has pushed these objections too far.
However, according to the statement of Facebook, all of these concerns regarding messenger application have been overblown. The company says that such rumours have been blown out on the basis of misinformation.
According to Facebook, most of the problems have been caused because of the rigid policies of Android on the permissions of usage. Facebook states that it does not write down its own policies and it has to utilize the strategies and policies provided to the company by Android. Facebook writes that the language which is written in the terms and policies offered by Android do not reflect the way this application is being used.
Facebook has also stated that all the rumours are outdates. Google has lately altered the language which is utilized in the application permissions of Android. The policy of the usage of Facebook messenger has been updated and it can be viewed easily.
Facebook further says that it has gained a strong control over the language of permission which is used by the company in the operating systems of Apple IOS. This operating system manages the entire process quite differently.
All the users of Android must agree to these permissions instantly before using this application. They would have to show their agreement on the usage of every feature of this application. The users of iPhone agree to to these permissions at the time of normal usage of these apps.
Besides Android application users, iPhone users can easily decline giving the permissions for some features of the application. For example, access to the phone book of addresses and microphones. However, they could still utilize the application for sending messages. Therefore, iPhone version of this application is considered superior for the users who are conscious regarding the privacy.
All the Messenger applications for Android and IOS are subject to the policies and terms, which govern the users of Facebook and the applications which are present within the family of Facebook. So, the Facebook messenger users must take every step to secure their concerns with privacy.

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