30 April 2014
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Facebook Mobile Marketing

Millions of people are using Facebook mobile these days and the number is increasing tremendously over time. Millions of pictures are being uploaded on Facebook on daily basis via mobile devices. People check their Facebook through Facebook mobile no matter wherever they are. Half of the Facebook users are using Facebook through their Smartphones.
People do not like to leave their houses without their Smartphones, which is actually great news for businesses. With Smartphones in their hands, they are able to directly communicate with their customers and friends too. Marketing has become an integral part of social experiences of businesses. It is very surprising to know that the click through rate of Facebook mobile ads is quite higher than the click through rates of Twitter.
Using Facebook Page Manager Application
When you use Facebook page manager application in your mobile device, you can have an easy access to the contents on your news feed. It allows you to comment on the posts and reply to the messages instantly. This feature is very much beneficial for the businesses. It also allows you to tag your friends on comments and posts too. This feature can be easily used on all kinds of Smartphones.
Tips of Marketing for Businesses
It is important to know that Facebook mobile users must be treated a bit differently. It would be better for businesses to produce effective content for mobile users.
For mobile users, the businesses must produce shorter posts. They must be entertaining, intriguing and engaging. Besides updating textual posts, they can also upload images too. The businesses can also ask questions to grab the attention of maximum users. The status must contain a call to action and options of like in them too.
Facebook Mobile Marketing for Local Businesses
In case the local businesses do not have a proper website to convey their messages to the customers, they can post their status on Facebook. The status update must be engaging for the readers. Your entire staff must be aware of the things that you are doing on social media networks for your business marketing. You can also offer coupons to the users too.
A lot of changes have been incorporated in Facebook since its introduction. Promoted posts are one of the most crucial changes made to Facebook. Here are some tools which can improve the visibility of your business on Facebook:
• Friends list
• Ads
• Promoted posts
• Sponsored stories
If you are a business owner and you want to improve the customer attraction towards your website, then Facebook fan page is going to provide as much assistance that you require. You can take visitors to your business page through your blogs. However, if you are a professional business owner, then you need to have a proper website or a blog for your business.
When you have a Facebook application in your phone, you are able to get into contact with maximum people instantly. The functions of Facebook mobile are enhancing day by day and it is becoming crucial for all the online business owners.

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