20 June 2014
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20 June 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
20 June 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Facebook New Tricks of Getting Personal Information of the Users

Facebook New Tricks of Getting Personal Information of the Users

Facebook has 1.28 billion active users on its network. The company is trying to introduce new features to get personal information of its users. Recently, a new feature has been incorporated in the Facebook which would assist it in retrieving additional information. An “ask” button has been added which is going to appear next to the user’s relationship status. The button is just going to appear in the profiles of those users who have selected not to publicize their information.
The new feature is going to allow a curious user to send a request to the other user for knowing his relationship status. This request would be accompanied with a small note which would consist of the reason why he or she wants to know about the status. This is one of those steps which have been taken by Facebook to get more personal information of its users.
The feature resembles to one of the oldest features of Facebook. However, people would consider it as a new way to do flirt with the people they like. It would be beneficial for the company because it would be able to know more about the Facebook users from all over the world. The addition of this box shows that the user has selected not to disclose information. The function of the button is to leverage the users who are very curious about the relationship status of other people; thus helping the company in gathering more user information.
It has not been specified that what is going to be the usage of this information. The reason for the incorporation of this button has remained unexplained on the part of the firm. Most of the users are afraid of the fact that their private information could be utilized in the targeted ads of Facebook and such other services. The button also appears on other aspects of a profile too. However, it is a common fact that people usually do not like to reveal their relationship status because they consider it a highly personal piece of information. Other areas can be easily answered but relationship status is personal to most users.
The company has not explained the data handling. No comments have been provided by the company representatives regarding the use of this personal data.
One of the representatives of the company has recently clarified the purpose of the creation of this button. He explained that the basic objective of this button is to provide its users with an opportunity of asking their friends about their relationship status.
The representative was also asked if the information is going to be used for targeting purposes or not. He commented that targeting would be the actual purpose; however, the information would not be disclosed to the advertisers. The data which is shared by the users is mostly used for targeting purposes and it also helps in showing the users some better ads.

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