22 August 2014
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What do Facebook Photos say about the users personality?

According to the findings of a new study, it has been found out that the profile photos of Facebook have to say a lot about the personality of the users.
It has been found out by the researchers that neurotics and extroverts upload a lot of photos to their pages on Facebook. However, extroverts change their cover photos the most. On the other hand, neurotics upload more photos in their albums.
Around 100 people were recruited by the investigators between the age of 17 and 55. All the participants of the investigation filled up the questionnaires about their demographics and personalities. 70% of the participants were women. It was then studies how all the individuals uploaded their profile photos and interacted with their friends on Facebook.
The researchers found out that the connection between the extroverts and their tendency of uploading significant amount of photos was not much surprising. However, the question was that how similar level of tendency could be described in neurotics, who are the people who are differentiated by their temperamental nature and are considered open to anxiety and stress.
The author of the study, Azar Eftekhar said that neurotics desire approval. However, they may not be regarded to be great communicators. These people are deficient in social skills. He further said that as neurotics are anxious individuals on social basis, therefore, they see Facebook as a secure place for expressing themselves. They think that Facebook would be a good and a better place which could help them in compensating their deficiencies.
He further said that the findings suggest that neurotics find their acceptance through the upload of intensive photos in order to look more popular and attractive among the online users. They also do this in order to keep up with the very famous culture of the visuals.
It was also found out that careful people involved in the entire study tend to upload more videos and they tend to create more photo albums which are self generated as compared with the people who are generally less active in the real life. The researchers have defined the self generated albums as the collection of such photos beyond such albums which Facebook automatically creates. This includes albums of profile pictures, video albums and cover albums.
The main point offered by the research is that such people are regarded to be objective oriented and self disciplines. Therefore, they can easily organize and document their videos and photos with the use of visual and technical online tools.
It has also been stated that the results of the study point towards different similarities between how different relationships of humans operate on Facebook and how they do in their real life.
Most of the relationships of Facebook tend to show the offline networks. The results of this study got published in August in the journal of Computers in Human Behaviour. The results were quite interesting and fascinating.

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