20 August 2014
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20 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Facebook for Small Businesses

Dan Levy, the Director of small business of Facebook says that clicking on ads actually leads to the purchase of products and services and that’s how small businesses flourish on the web.
He was speaking to around 350 small business owners, entrepreneurs and employees on Tuesday at the event of final Facebook fit. This was the final round of five city tour in which Facebook spoke to about 4,000 owners of business around the country. Facebook spoke to the business about how to succeed through social media networks.
Most of the small business owners say that an important thing about succeeding on Facebook is to create attractive and engaging content and using the strategies of marketing for getting the content in front of those people who show potential of conversion or signing up on Facebook.
He also discussed how many business owners are considering the greater returns on their investment from targeted and smart ads on Facebook. He also pointed that a company named Morgan Miller Plumbing, which is located near Kansas City has earned a profit and return of about 39x on its ads. In addition, a company named Kay’s Designer Consignment has earned a boost up of around 30% in its sales from marketing strategies of Facebook in a time period of 9 months.
Levy also talked about the tools like enhanced mobile ads feature, which help in marketing the website among the mobile users. As more people tend to reach social media websites through mobile phones; therefore, this feature has provides an ultimate help to the businesses in attracting attention of the traffic from the web.
Facebook has also given invitation to some prominent owners of small business owners in order to talk with the people in attendance. Other Facebook marketing experts also shared valuable marketing and working experiences on Facebook. They also shared the experiences regarding how their businesses were able to grow through social media website.
Most of the business owners and experts face a similar problem among all the marketers. This problem was regarding the maintenance of business visibility on Facebook as the reach dwindles.
Norman said that she had observed a considerable decrease in the organic reach. Facebook is altering its algorithms for making sure that people actually get to see the material and content that they are actually looking for on this social media website. In case the people are not clicking on the organic posts and if they are not sharing them, then it is because they are not getting the quality of content that they want to read. If the news feed of the people is filled up with the kind of content that they do not want to see, then they are not going to focus on the content.
All in all, the most important thing regarding Facebook marketing is the content. Content is the kind of marketing strategies and if you want to succeed on Facebook, then you would need to create high quality content.

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