26 July 2014
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26 July 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Facebook and Twitter- Working faster than ever!

Facebook and Twitter- Working faster than ever!

Marketing is working with massive speed these days. Axelle Despiegelaere, a Belgium supporter at the World Cup did not know that she would get an offer of a job. Her Twitter photo became viral and she was being labeled as the prettiest fan in the World Cup in Brazil. She was also given a modeling contract by L’Oreal. Her video got uploaded on the YouTube and it received millions of likes on it. The speed of internet marketing is such fast.
However, her career came to an end when an image of her posing right next to dead animals with a rifle and smile on her face got viral. She tried her best to defend herself but failed. Facebook and Twitter have been facing a lot of criticism from campaigners of animal rights always.
L’Oreal has also given a very nice excuse of ending up the work with her. If the main role behind her dismissal was played by the pictures, it would not be the first case when someone would have lost her job because of discretion which took place online. It has become a very common reason of job dismissals these days.
Take another incident! A woman complained on the social media that she did not like her job and her boss too. She actually forgot the fact that her boss was added up in her profile and he could see her posts, which were all visible to him. Similarly, another worker got fired because he called his job boring. One worker of Waitrose was fired because he wrote bad words about the job on Facebook page.
Many employers remain active and they keep a strong check on the online workers. Most of them check out the workers before taking their interviews. So, you must be careful about writing on your Facebook page as it would not only cost you the job but it would also keep you from landing in it at all.
Microsoft has reported that the checks on social media networks are very important and they hold equal importance as held by interviews and CVs. Around 70% of HR managers have stated that they have rejected many candidates just because of the behavior they depict on social media networks.
The protection of your social media accounts offers very less protection to you. According to a research, a 22 aged boy has above 1,000 friends on Facebook. It is not sure if he knows all of them or not. It is a fact that embarrassing content spreads like a fire despite of all the barriers placed in the way.
It has also been reported that most of the teenagers have not learned any lesson regarding the fact that their online behavior might lead them into some serious trouble. People usually do not see any wrong in using benefits of technology for tracking and killing the animals for fun. This is the most depressing thing among all.

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