16 March 2014
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16 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Facebook’s Best Hidden Features

Most people know how to navigate around Facebook, at least until they decide to change the format again. However, there are some lesser known features that can make Facebook a lot more fun to use! Here are the top 5.
5. The Interest List
Most people know how to add interests to their Facebook profiles. It’s how they know what kind of advertisements to send our way, but what you may not know is that you can organize these interests into various lists, such as “My favorite books,” “Best Horror Movies,” or even, “My Guilty Pleasures.” You can share these lists with your friends, or you can hide them away in shame. It’s your choice.
4. Flip Out!
If you feel like being strange you can go to your language options and choose “Upside Down” as your language. All the text on your page will be flipped upside down. There is also the better known “Pirate English” options, which changes the pre-written text such as “What’s on your mind?” to something more piratey, like, “What be troublin’ ye?” It’s a fun way to change things up if normality is getting you down.
3. Download Your Data
You have the option to download all of your Facebook data. This includes your general account info, your timeline information, messages, photos and posts you have shared. But you can find all that on Facebook anyway right? If you want to look hard enough, sure. But you can download the info by going into your General Account Settings and it will also tell you things like which advertisements you’ve clicked on. Unfortunately, this is an all or nothing deal. You either get all the data or none of it.
2. Write it in the log book.
If you go to Settings, then to Privacy and click on “Who can see my stuff?” you’ll find an option called “Use Activity Log. This option will show you just about everything you’ve ever done on Facebook. The pages you’ve liked and all the friends you’ve made are logged away here, and you can review it all.
1. Prevention
Have you ever had someone tag you in an embarrassing photo and then everyone you know on Facebook sees it because it posts on your wall. How awkward… Grandma now knows about your dildo collection. (Hey, I won’t judge). Well, you’re in luck because there’s a way to prevent this unfortunate occurrence from ever happening. Simply go into Settings, click “Timeline and Tagging” and then “Who can add things to my timeline. You can edit this option so that you have to review the things your friends post about you. Well, at least the ones they tag you in. If people recognize you without the tag… then you’re out of luck, but it’s a start right?

These are just some of the lesser known features of Facebook,, explore around and find more. Next tme that you complain about something on Facebook, keep in mind that there is probably a simple solution that you just don’t know how to use yet.

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