4 August 2014
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4 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Facebook’s Owner having more Billions than his Age

Mark Zuckerberg is going to be 31 next year in May. By the latest earnings report, we now know that mark has more billions in his bank than his age. There were rumors spreading around that facebook is not performing good in the stock market, but the latest Q2 report gave us a total opposite review. In the last 12 months facebook’s income has grown from $562 Million to $1.49 Billion, whereas the increase in total revenue was recorded at whopping $3 Billion, which shows an increase of 61 per cent in one year.
Similarly, the shares of facebook are on all time high with share being traded at 75$. Mark Zuckerberg owns 422,954,082 shares of facebook, in this way he net worth is around $31 Billion. Although Zuckerberg is a new addition in the club of Billionaires with less age but he is not the only one.
According to the report published by Forbes, Carlos Slim, who is a Mexican businessman, touched the value of $74 Billion when he was 71 years old in 2011. However, in 2013, he matched both the numbers with 73. More astonishing news is that now as he is 74, his net worth has touched whopping $80 Billion.
Bill Gates was the first one to top the rich list in the year 1995 when he was worth $12.9bn. It took him several years to have more Billions in his pocket than his age. When he was 43 in 1998, he touched 51bn$ mark, and then a staggering jump to $90bn in the very next year.
In the medieval times, there was whole different story, when the kings used to have a lot of wealth and total royalty. A list of riches people ever lived is available online, that you can see and get to know about rich men since the world came to exist.
In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg announced to make facebook public and launched its shares in the stock market. It opened at $38 in the start, but plunged to as low as $18. After three months, the personal wealth of Zuckerberg was measured at about $9bn based on those 500 shares he used to own at that time when he was 28 years of age. Soon, Zuckerberg proved his capabilities, and showed the world that he is not just a pseudo CEO, and started to spend outrageous amount of money in buying other services.
He first bought Instagram for about $1Billion before the launch of facebook’s IPO. Then recently, he spent whopping $16bn for buying Whatsapp. The most recent purchase by Zuckerberg was for $2bn that was when he bought VR Headset Company, and it has been labeled in the media as a toy purchase by the boy. Zuckerberg also enjoys a robust partnership with Spotify, which is a music streaming site, and can be a potential acquisition for him. Zuckerberg is still silent on any video streaming site, but that is a door still open for him with a lot of potential in it.

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