16 April 2014
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16 April 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Facebook’s Privacy Magic

Not so long since Facebook spilled its magic all over the world, it has embarked levels which are evident of its fame and usage. Facebook aka FB is a social media forum which is used by millions of users on a daily basis to connect and interact with other people including friends and acquaintances.
FB fever continues to increase its temperature with an increasing number of people getting affected by it. Perceived by the users as a very friendly and easy platform, FB unveils surprises with every passing second, making you relentless to get over the board and let yourself be affected by the silent melody it plays secretly. It is long before you know, you will be a huge fan of FB and your life will be in great difficultly without it!
The playfulness of FB gives it an edge over other social media websites and makes it stand out the rest. Not only this, added to the playfulness of the hyped site is its cheeky structure and gorgeous layout. Thus, Facebook aka FB is a great combination of many good aspects that had all combined together to form this well integrated forum.
Facebook serves its fan base a huge amount of free services. From posting statuses to sharing photographs, from having a glimpse into others’ profile to chatting with them, from private messaging to joining fan pages, everything is just made into a perfect combo of decent outlook and privacy settings. Coupled to this, FB has the honor of introducing the privacy option into social networking sites and is still working well on this distinctive feature.
FB established this feature considering the user needs and privacy at the forefront. Everybody needs space, everybody needs some privacy. Obviously, your life is not some news to be published at a social platform. The service initially started with the availability of your profile to everybody who was on your list and gradually was improved with enhanced privacy features and options.
The privacy settings have evolved over time and are very well established to ease you and have the privacy level set at your choice. Not only this, but FB offers you the facility of changed privacy settings at each individual post. Share what you like, and with the people of your own choice! You need not worry about your pictures or other stuff which you do want to share, but not with all. You can totally share your life’s small secrets and big memories while still not making it available to everyone on your contact list.
With this distinctive privacy feature, you can also put your profile into your desired level of privacy. Whether you can have it available for everyone and you can put privacy so a limited number of people are able to search you or if you may want, nobody can search you at all!
Everything you want in every way you want! Facebook is the right choice for staying connected with your buddies and is an easy medium to get along. Get over board now if you have not been using this incredible site with the amazing privacy settings!

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