Frequently Asked Questions


Safest and most secure methods Buy Facebook Likes

 1.   Proprietary methods tested for safety.

 2.   No logins required. Beware of others asking for this.

 3.   No drop offs or loss or likes, followers etc.

 4.   Lifetime replacement warranty!

 5.   100% no risk needed using our proprietary methods.

 6.   We are passionate about customer support and provide the best support!

 7.   Shop online with over 100,000 happy customers!

 8.   Earn FastPoints with our reward program.

 9.   Fast delivery of your order.

10. All backed with our money back guarantee.

Testimonials from our customers

BuyMoreLikes is the best in social media, I wouldn't trust anyone else to handle my social media accounts.

Ricardo Osborn

The quality of the service BuyMoreLikes provides is unreal. Not only the 24/7 live support, but all the other cool features they have. Thanks so much guys

Jane Witt

General FAQ's

Here are some of our frequently asked questions from our customers. So we thought we would compile them all into an easy to read format. If however you have more questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you in anyway we can!
How long will it take for my order to be completed?
All orders are started within 12-24 hours. The orders are completed within the time frame noted on each package on the home page.
Why use BuyMoreLikes? is the most respected social media company for improving your social media presence. BuyMoreLikes offers top quality services that are not beaten on price. All backed with our superb 24/7 customer support, lifetime replacement warranty, no other social media company can come close to us!
Do you offer larger packages
We supply bulk packages, they are not listed and used by our many of our larger customers. Contact us to learn more what we can do for you.
How does the reward program work?
It's easy! ... Click Here to read more about it or contact us.
Once I place my order, will I see results right away?
Once placing your order with us you have the option to have your order rushed. We ask you check the details listed on each product to get an idea when it will be started.
Are these service discreet and anonymous? Is my privacy assured?
Yes! BuyMoreLikes takes privacy very seriously. Every order placed with us or anything discussed with us. Everything is 100% discreet and anonymous. All staff at BuyMoreLikes have signed strict confidentiality agreements to insure you are secure. Not only this we have worked hard on internal and external security and installed SSL certificates and other security features to put our customers privacy at the highest protection. We will never disclose your information to any third-party or affiliates.
How does your Money Back Guarantee work?
All services provided by BuyMoreLikes include a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Which simply means if we don’t provide you the service promised we will gladly refund the amount in full. There are some exceptions to this so please refer our terms of service.
Why are your prices so low?
We have been working in the social media industry for many years. We have optimized our methods and techniques over the past five years to keep costs at the lowest possible, while still maintaining the high-quality service we’re well known for.
What type of Payments does BuyMoreLikes accept?
Currently we accept PayPal and credit card payments.
How can I contact BuyMoreLikes
Easy! Via live chat that is available 24/7 or contact us via the contact us form.
What is lifetime replacement warranty?
Firstly, no one else offers this! Be careful of others offering this. This was invented by BuyMoreLikes and stolen by others to make a quick buck and they don’t truly protect you for life. Lifetime replacement warranty means if at any stage you face loses in any services we provide to you for example if 100 likes happen to drop off then we will replace them for free for life! So you truly get value for money here. However we use this as protection for our customers we don’t face any drops in likes!
Can I run a BuyMoreLikes campaign with another third-party campaign simultaneously?
Yes, but we don't recommend it. Our systems track the starting and projected finish count. Along with this our system will gather the likes added by us and will give us a complete figure. If you have brought likes elsewhere we can’t be held liable for it. So contact us and we can talk more about this.
I’m a victim of Fraud! How can I get my money back?
Contact Us immediately! Provide us with as much information as you know and we’ll work with you to have this refunded ASAP.
My order was cancelled and I do not know why?
If your order was cancelled you will get an email from us explaining why. If you don’t then contact us and we’ll help you out.
Can I become a Reseller of your Services?
Yes, we have 100’s of resellers currently with us at BuyMoreLikes. Contact us for more information.

Facebook FAQ's

What Facebook services can you provide?
We provide the most extensive Facebook services compared to anyone! click here to learn more.
Will my Facebook likes unlike me later on?
Never! If you face any problems just let us know. Don’t forgot you are protected with our lifetime retention warranty.
Does your service put my Fan Page at risk? Can I get banned?
We can actually perform our service on ANY page. It doesn't necessarily need to be your own. So if it was true that Facebook can suspend anyone’s page we can just add likes to someone’s page and they’ll get banned? Impossible Facebook will never ban your page.
Where are the likes from? Are they targeted?
Our standard services are worldwide likes; this means you may receive users from various countries or sometimes from one country only we cannot make any claim on where the likes will come from. We try to promote your page to an English speaking audience, but ultimately, we cannot control what kind of people want to like your page with this worldwide audience.
Will the likes be delivered gradually over time or all at once?
This is up to you! You have full control over it. We can send the likes as you need them fast or slow. When checking out you can choose the options.
Can I split the Facebook likes?
We can split Facebook photo likes Click here to learn more. We can't split any other Facebook services currently, but contact us and we'll help you out.

Twitter FAQ's

What Twitter services do you provide?
We provide the most extensive Twitter services compared to anyone! click here to learn more.
Can you offer larger packages?
Yes we sure can. Contact us and we'll be happy to help in anyone we can.
How fast do the followers get delivered?
All orders are started within 12-24 hours of placing your order, however we do offer rush packages.
Is your Twitter Service Safe? Can I get my account suspended?
Yes, like all social media services we provide to our customers over the past 5 years its 100% risk free and safe. We use the safest and best methods to delivery your Twitter followers.

YouTube FAQ's

What YouTube Services does BuyMoreLikes offer?
We provide the most extensive YouTube services compared to anyone! click here to learn more.
How does your YouTube services work?
Our YouTube services are provided to you using the safest methods via our proprietary system. We can’t discuss the systems in detail however the services we provide are 100% real and safe.
Are your YouTube services safe?
Yes of course. All services we provide are 100% risk free and safe. We work with many high profile musicians and politicians. We have been working with YouTube services for over 5 years.
Can my YouTube Account or Video get removed for using any of your Services?
No videos will ever be removed nor will your account be banned. YouTube have no way of knowing if we are increasing your views, likes, dislikes, comments or subscribers via our 100% real services.

Instagram FAQ’s

What Instagram services do you provide?
To view all Instagram services click here to see more.
Are your Instagram services 100% safe?
Yes as we discussed before all services provide by BuyMoreLikes are 100% risk free and safe!
Can you split Instagram likes to many photos?
As highly requested yes we can! click here to see more.
How can I get my Instagram photo URL?
To get your URL please click here to learn more.

Pinterest FAQ's

What Pinterest services do you provide?
To view all pinterest services click here to see more.
Are your Pinterest services safe?
As with all services provide from BuyMoreLikes they are 100% risk free and safe.

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