29 June 2014
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FB – A Sneak Peek

Had you been wondering that why has Facebook aka FB gained so much popularity and why is it having such an addictive effect on everyone you come across every day? The neighbor you met early morning talked about her recent posts on the site, and the colleague who got engaged yesterday posted her pictures and you had been unable to see them! Why had you been lacking behind and what are the reasons that have affected them so much that they find it hard to resist! Well, this is all because of the advantages of the site and the following will help you have a sneak peek into the matter.
Sharing of Information

First and the foremost, the site allows you to share anything you like, with anyone you like. Because you can have separate list of friends and separate privacy setting for each group, you can share statuses about your activities, check ins, the place you are visiting at the moment, your pictures or videos with others. And the best part is that you have full control over the information you are sharing.
Sharing information can help you connect to your friends and update them about your activities. You can control the amount of information you are sharing, and the number of people you are sharing it with. In the same manner, others can share information with you, as much and how much they desire.
Though initially developed as a social networking site, the feature of chatting has been introduced so you can chat with your friends too. Because chatting is of immense importance these days, this feature adds value to the site and you can use it to talk to those who are online and in your friend list, off course!
Moreover, using Facebook as a means of sharing and using some other medium as a means of chatting does not seems a feasible idea. So use the service provided by the site and enjoy chatting and connectivity at the same time!
In addition to this, chatting is also allowed in groups where you can hold conversations with your fellows about a common topic and brainstorm ideas.
Mobile Facebook
The introduction of this FB mobile app has led the site to attract an ever increasing fame. All you can do on the site, you are able to do using the app, and the good news is that you can use the app from literally anywhere in the world. You do not need a laptop or a PC anymore in order to use the site.
Find Friends
The primary reason why the site got so popular was that a large number of people were able to find their old mates through it. Because almost everyone uses the site these days, you can add your friends, colleagues and peers and stay interacted with them.
Had it not been FB, you had not been able to connect to the people who were valuable to you but you were helpless!

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