20 July 2014
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Generating Facebook Likes Without buying them

A creative and smart person will never go for buying facebook likes as they costly, waste of money and without any greater benefits. Follow the following ideas to know the alternative ways of attracting more facebook likes than to squander money on buying facebook likes.
1. Paying for Facebook Ads
For starters, if you want to spend little money, then spend on running ads. If you were willing to buy facebook likes, then it is much cheaper and better to buy facebook ads. For that you can even start with little amount of 50$ that will attract 100-200 new fans. On this low payment to facebook, you will see good increase in likes.
2. Online Promotion of Page
If you also run your website, then you should introduce a like button or tab on the website that will promote your facebook without any cost on all pages of your website. If you also have accounts on other social networking sites such as twitter or Instagram, invite your followers from there to your facebook page.
3. Invitation to Related Audience
In general users are tempted to invite all the people in their friends list to like their page. But remember that it is of no use to invite those users who have no interest in your brand. They might like your page as you asked them but they will never be interested in interaction with your posts. So only invite those people who have some kind of attention in the content that your page posts about.
4. Organizing Contests
If your want users to go excited your facebook page and visiting it regularly, one immense idea is to organize some kind of contest or a promotion. When users will participate in those contests, they will also share it with their friends and friends will also like to join the contest. In this way your facebook advertisement will increase a lot.

5. Offline Promotion of Page
You should not only be promoting on WebPages and social media site but also in your daily life in offline mode as well. Those people who pay visits to your store, you should be inviting them to your page. Also in a few words describe the content of your page to those people whom you meet on routine basis at work or school. You can also share link of your facebook page on your visiting card and on the bill receipts or on some vouchers as well. Create a URL that is very easy to keep in mind.
6. Be Interesting
The main precedence of yours should be to remain serious and interesting concerning what you post. Provide information and give special discounts or gifts to users. You can also post general news that will also attract few users. You should be funny sometimes, and can share jokes as well. Remember first make a plan that what exactly are you going to post. Never post any uninteresting stuff on your facebook page in rush.

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