25 September 2013
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Does Google+ Influence Your Search Result Ranking?

Does Google+ influence your ranking on the search engines? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Google being one of the major search engines and Google+ being a sister company, it’s customary to think that having a Google + account with many friends will increase your ranking in search results. While there are people who believe that this is the case, a lot of others believe otherwise. Who’s on the right?
Well, going by a recent article written by Matt Cutts, who works at Google, you can conclude that the number of friends that you have on your Google+ account has nothing to do with your ranking. According to Matt Cutts, there is no relationship between Google +1s and search ranking. Matt even uses coding language to explain his point. He says “correlation! =causation.” this means that correlation is not equal to causation.
Other than Google +, Matt also says that the number of friends that you have on Facebook has nothing to do with your ranking. Therefore, having thousands of Facebook friends will not bumb up your ranking. On the other side, having a small number of Facebook friends does not mean you will have lower ranking.
Matt says, what influences your search result ranking is the content that is in your site. According to Matt, for you to rank high, you should have compelling and high quality content that is attractive to people and search engines.
Matt says that search engines love high quality and unique content i.e. the content should not be duplicated. When information is duplicated, search engines will mark it as spam and they may even ban your site. Matt insists that if you want to rank high, you should concentrate on creating high quality content.
Other than high quality information being original and non-duplicated, the information should also be optimized for search engines. This means that the content must have keywords that search engines will use to rank your site.
Also, your content should have a Meta description. A Meta description is a phrase that is usually below your search results. A Meta description is usually a summary of what is contained in an article or in a site.
Whether Matt is telling the truth or not, is another whole story. The common theory is that Matt works for Google therefore he must know what he is talking about.
As much as high quality content may be the determinant to high ranking, having many friends on the social media has never hurt anyone. Or, has it?

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